Sunday, April 5, 2015


Bonjour mes coeurs!

Well this week we got the transfer call. Ok in New Cal we all get the call because there are 43 of us, but this time it related to us.
I am leaving Bourail. You will never believe where I am going. I didn't believe it. I am going BACK to Paita. I am going back to the secteur I served in for the first seven and a half months of my mission. Hahahaha last thing I expected. I still have no idea why the Lord decided to send me back there, but His thoughts are not our thoughts nor are His ways our ways. Excited to find out why. Also feeling slightly awkwardly excited to go see all those dear people of Paita again and see their faces when I walk back up to their house again after saying goodbye once already.
My new companion will be Soeur Giles from  Utah. She came in with Soeur Gunn. Hahahah also we are now on foot. Paita is huge. I was in a car before. Basically this is going to be hilarious.

Meanwhile, I am now saying goodbye to all of these beloved people in Bourail. The Lord is merciful and despite limited time to say goodbye, He is allowing me the means to see everyone I love before I go. One of our dear sweet amis drove all the way from Houailou an hour and a half away to see us when she got my message that I was leaving. Sweet tender goodbyes.

Today is SGs birthday so were going to the BEACH!!!! Yesssssss! Oh yeah! Bourail just got a car! Hahaha just in time for me to leave. But it is going to work miracles here, I am SO happy they got one. Such wonderful leaders who help us to keep His work progressing. 

Love you all. Thank you for your prayers and love and encouragement. This week we definitely felt the Lords help. Despite feeling like it was a horrible transfer in regards to numbers, last night we were surprised to see it was largely our best transfer yet. The Lords work will never cease. He keeps it rolling on, even when we sometimes feel the contrary.

Just heard from President Brewer again for the first time in weeks. What a blessing to be able to have contact from our inspired leader again.

Looove you all!
Soeur Evans

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