Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Bonjoouuuuuur et salut!!

Wow, well not sure where to begin.

Ok, I've decided, I shall begin with Zone Conference. Absolutely incredible. President Brewer and Sister Brewer are so dear to my heart. This was our last Zone Conference with them before they leave in the end of June. My heart was sad saying goodbye, I will miss their counsel and spirit. But I'm sure the next mission president and his lovely wife will be incredible in their own way.

This Zone Conference was FILLED with stories of Cyclone Pam. Oh my goodness you would not believe the miracles and the stories they shared. What better way to learn of the Lord's work than to witness His all-powerful hand leading and performing His own work?

They talked about the night of the storm, the 41 missionaries in their home, the service given after the cyclone, visiting the people, deciding to send missionaries home, visiting church buildings to check the damage and a kajillion other things. While other churches had roofs torn off and walls collapse, all except our very very bush chapels (we're talking sticks and leaves essentially) STOOD. Even the chapels made of wood. They STOOD. In a level 5 storm. When our foundation is upon CHRIST, we will not fall. What a powerful visual for all the people of Vanuatu. And did they ever notice! The church attendance skyrocketing. Branches that used to have about 100-200 people come are now full of 700-800 people, members (both active and inactive), amis, strangers, everyone is flocking to our churches. President and Sister Brewer bore powerful, powerful testimonies. I can't do it any justice in this email, but this work is TRUE. This church is TRUE. The Lord leads this work, for it is truly His.

As for Paita, the work continues on. We have not had as miraculous of an aid, but nonetheless slowly but surely the work is progressing and increasing.

One miracle of miracles this week was finding a new FAMILY. We were in Savannah doing porte a porte (a whole other town that is part of our secteur that we rarely if ever get to go to). Well we were there for about an hour, and were trying to find some more amis. After about 30 minutes of porte a porte and talking to no one (either because of being ignored or not heard because their houses are hidden behind 6 foot gates that we yell bonjour at at the top of our lungs hoping to be heard), we decided to head back. I saw  a woman up the hill and get so excited because it is a sign of human life and we try to contact her. Nothing. Then we see a family and try them. Nope. Well we decide to go to one more house. We yell and a 20 year old man walks up. He's pretty solidly uninterested and indifferent but we ask to meet his family. He invites us down. Long story short. We meet a MEMBER who is visiting his nonmember FAMILY. He's the grandfather, and his daughter and her family were there. We began to introduce ourselves and testify of why we had come. And the husband said that at THIS very moment their family was struggling. How did we know to come here? Why did we happen to just talk about the family? He was touched by the Spirit and knew that we had not found them by accident. HE asked US to keep a copy of the Book of Mormon. HE asked US if it would not be too much trouble to come back again? Ummmmm of course!!! 
Yesterday we went back for our return appt. He said only his wife would be home but that we should come anyway. We show up and they were ALL waiting for us, sitting at the table, ready for us to arrive. I have NEVER experienced that. A lesson with a husband and wife both sitting with us and willing and ready to learn. Miracle!

We had many other powerful experiences this week. One amie testified that when we (the sisters) left 5 months ago it was a big trial. She was pretty much left to herself for a while. But during the lesson she testified that it was a time when she learned of her own strength and spiritual understanding. It was a chance for her to apply what she learned. Now that we are back, she is again feeling the Spirit and remembering its sweet peace. She said that those 5 months without us were long enough for her. She never wants to feel that spiritual hunger again. Wow, what an incredible blessing to hear that. To have a tiny insight in to Heavenly Father's eternal, grand perspective. He knows what we need. Oh does He know!

I love you all! May you all feel the sweet, calming, warming, beautiful presence of the Spirit this week. I have felt it more than I ever imagined on my mission and I never want to lose it.

We are truly doing the Lord's work. Missions are inspired of God. I am grateful each day for the lessons He teaches me and He allows me to be a part of in others' lives.

Soeur Evans

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