Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We are Only Instruments

Bonjouuuur tout le monde!

Hello hello hello! This will be a tad bit brief. I've spent up all my
time replying to my dearly beloveds, but I shall do my best to fill
you in on the week.

Paita. It is slowly but surely rising up! I have always said this
place is BURSTING with potential. This place is packed full of
hundreds of people of every ethnicity and class and income level and
religion. Walisians, Futunians, Indonesians, Ni-Vanuatus, French,
Tahitian, Melanesian, Vietnamese and all number of others. Well, it's
a weekly climb, but Paita is really starting to thrive with the

One of the most incredible blessings we've been seeing is the chance
to teach famililes. Up to this point on my mission I have never taught
a family. Ok, I've taught one, but it took a year to go from teaching
an individual to teaching a family. And suddenly we have TWO families
we are teaching. What a sweet tender mercy of the Lord to teach His
Gospel to families.

Right before I left Paita five months ago we had contacted a couple.
We were so excited about them. And then we left. Well this week we
recontacted them and have begun to teach them. Words cannot even
express my joy and also my intimidation in walking into a home and
having a HUSBAND, wife and children sitting on the couch across from
me. That is so very very rare here. Satan really attacks the
priesthood holders out here, and that usually means he attacks future
priesthood holders too. But we are seeing the Lord's hand working His
might work and it is sweet and joyful to be a part of.

Something I've known for a long time but have maybe never expressed (i
think) is just how much this is the Lord's work. Any amis that are
found, any hearts that are touched, any doors that are opened, any
progress that amis make, anything and EVERYthing is "grace au
Seigneur". Thanks to the Lord. I cannot take even the tiniest amount
of credit for any good that is done. Because it isn't me. It is Him.
This work would be impossible if it wasn't His. Flatout impossible.
There is no way that two 20 year old american girls could walk around
this island and make any sort of an impact on people's lives and faith
and happiness if it wasn't the Lord's will and teachings. We are
simply called to be worthy instruments. It is His work and we are
called and welcome to help Him, but we must be worthy of the task. How
blessed I feel to get to see the Lord work miracles through us as I
learn to give Him my all and receive much more in return.

New Caledonia had an open house this week! So fancy! By New Caledonia
I mean our stake hosted an open house and invited the whole country.

We are working ourselves silly and to utter exhaustion. It is
hilarious and rewarding. We sleeptalk contacting methods and lessons
and prayers.

May you all have the happiest of weeks.
Go with the missionaries to a lesson. Bear a simple testimony. Offer a
short, sincere prayer. Members make a world of difference in helping
bring our precious brothers and sisters closer to our Father in

Love you all!
Soeur Evans

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