Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The MIssionary Training Center (MTC) Arrival or Departure--depending on the view...

A happy and special day for us all. January 29, 2014


Seven days and nights

Mum here: McKay entered the Missionary Training Center  MTC today.  Here's a review of the past seven days in pictures.

Day - 7: Polar Vortex moves over Metro Washington DC. Temple closed. San Francisco trip to visit French consulate, cancelled. SNOW. 

Day -6: On edge, don't talk to me, decide to pack. 

Day -5: Temple Trip. Finally. Best day of my life. 

Washington DC Temple, January 24, 2014

Day - 4: Last chance to pack. Feeling frantic. Mom's are the best. Sleeping with doggies. Kiva tries to climb in the suitcase too. 

Day -3: Farewell talk at church. Grandparents came. Set apart as missionary. Lots of tears. Good tears. 

Day -2: Say goodbye to Fajah--my Dad. Fly to Utah. Visited with Grandparents and Atkins. Haley taught me "Christlike love and service."

Day -1: Session at South Jordan Temple with Mom and Alex. Off to Provo to visit with dear friends and for "Last Supper". 

Jordan River Temple
Alex and Sister Evans

Thai Evergreen restaurant in Provo--curries and lemongrass soup. 

Day 0: Last moments with the family, glomming, yoga and tender hugs.

Sisters coping...

Mom coping....

Seven minutes to go. 

 It's been a whirlwind, but everything worked out great and she was SOOOO excited to get to the MTC.