Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm BACK!!

Dearly beloveds,
Bonjour de Paitaaaaaa!

Hhahahaha I basically have felt like yelling that subject line
every time I walk into a house here. But sadly it doesn't translate so
I settle for, "yesssss, I came back! I left, but now I'm back!....I
know, crazy!"

It is a sweet blessing to be back with these people. The five months
away from them gave many a chance to reflect and turn to uniquely the
Lord. Now, after this personal time they've had to think and reflect
and grow hungry, we return to FEED them. What an incredible thing it
is to see a real hunger in people's eyes for the gospel. Especially
those that have already tasted, some just briefly, others more
intensely. They want it back. I think they are much more prepared to
receive it.

And so, with each day and each rendezvous with amis or inactives or
members, I am seeing why the Lord sent me back. There is much to be
done. There is much to be finished that had only begun.

It was painful saying goodbye to Bourail. Me and SG had the most
magical delightful day last Pday and went to the Poe beach. Google it
it's divine. We basically had a day in the most beautiful place on
earth, best friends after seven incredible months together, finished
by sharing the gospel with strangers. A perfect day.

Before we left go to transfers I stopped to say goodbye to our recent
convert couple. The old ones we visit all the time. Well let's just say
it ended with all three of us bawling. Love them with all my heart.

I definitely left a chunk of my heart up North. But I'm doing my best
to give an equal chunk back to Paita. There are many people I love
here, so it hasn't been to hard to do so :)

GENERAL CONFERENCE. Amen. Amen to it all. What inspired leaders we
have. Can't wait to reread all of those talks and ponder them. Sweet
wonderful counsel from heaven.

On another note people are thrilled to see Soeurs at Paita again.
Which means that the past week I think we've eaten only breakfast and
2 lunches at our house. AKA I fear I will be rolling out of this
secteur. I forgot what it's like to have so many members. And all of
them so loving and supportive and generous. Fills my heart and my
stomach haahaha

Love you all dearly.

Tender mercy; before me and SG left Paita five months ago, we had met
a young mother. We had taught 2 lessons and had invited her to be
baptized. She had said yes. Well before we left we didn't get to say
goodbye so in an awkward goodbye/final testimony, we wrote our
testimonies on pictures of us and slipped it under the door, because
'we'd never see her again anyway'. Well I saw her again on Friday. Oh
my and she not only remembered me, she immediately asked when we could
come by because she had REALLY missed the lessons. We had only taught
her TWICE!!! The Lord is so good. He didn't forget about any of these
people. And neither did I. How grateful I am to see how so many of the
seeds I planted months ago have grown.

Soeur Evans

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