Monday, March 30, 2015

Give your broken heart to the Lord


This week was really hard. Last Sunday one of our members said something that I just loved. And on Sunday, when all was well, I was all nods and yessss that is so truue! So this week the Lord put me to the test.

She said, «Give your broken heart to the Lord and a smile to the world»

This week my heart broke. Tuesday we got dropped by two people. Then Wednesday morning we made some more phone calls to schedule lessons and get dropped by even more people. At that point we were feeling it, but doing ok. We went out to do some porte a porte and then happened to see one of our amis. She is one my favorite people, full to the brim with love and gratitude since the first day we met her. I pray for her constantly. I love her. And when we saw her she was ice cold, mean and full of distrust. She scolded us, called us liars and a whole number od things that cut really deep and were so very unexpected. As we walked away from her house I felt some of the deepest hurt I've ever experienced. I wasn't angry with her, it just filled with with sorrow that she had closed herself off to the truth and the BLESSINGS of the gospel. 

Long story short. This week was really hard. Almost all of our amis dropped us or rejected us. 

But i can testify that prayer is a true communication with a loving Heavenly Father. Prayer heals us. Through the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ we may be healed. We are never alone. I felt very alone at that moment after that experience, but I was so very mistaken.

please never underestimate prayer.

On a lighter note, last Monday we had the unreal and DELIGHTFUL joy of playing VOLLEYBALL with a bunch of enormous Walisians and Tahitians. I was dying of joy. All these enormous islanders just kept walking out of their homes and joining us. They are so legit. 

Love you all!!
I promise I'm doing ok now by the way!
Soeur Evans

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