Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Eating and Happier Teaching

Bonjour et Salutttttt!!!
TRANSFERS HAPPENED. And now Soeur Beagles is no longer in Paita. But THIS Soeur still is! With Soeur Pulsipher. She's from Idaho and so stinking hilarious. We transferred this morning and have already had multiple hilarious moments. I love her. This transfer is gonna be wild. So much fun, and so much good old hard work. But Paita is definitely going to be weird without Soeur Beagles. She did incredible things here and it's sad to see her go.
Highlights of the past week.
We had tea with a French couple. Oh my and porte a ported a neighborhood full of people from Metropole aka France. Their french is so beautiful. And intimidating. And formal. I always mess up and use "tu" instead of "vous" and it's grave. It's a whole different world talking to French people. The ones we have talked with
 really don't believe in God. Their lives just feel sadder. But tea. It was delightful! We had herbal tea and talked about God and why we believe in Him. Turns out they already have a Book of Mormon from some friends and they committed to reading 2 Ne 2 to read about God's plan for us and why we need the opposition and challenges. A delightful rendezvous.
Yesterday we at the most delicious, ginormous lunch. And then 3 hours later we had a dinner appt. And then went immediately from there to another dinner appt. Oh my talk about eating. But we can't say no. These people get so many blessings from feeding us (their words) and we can't say no. So we pray from more room in our stomachs. We forge on. And we eat.
Really touched this week by the testimonies and experiences people shared as they said goodbye to Soeur Beagles. Lots of times it can feel like we're trying in vain to share messages with people. Or that they'll never change. Or that maybe they don't really understand how the Gospel of Jesus Christ applies to THEM, is important for THEM personally. But they do. THey really do. These people's lives really do change because we knocked on their doors. Because we read the scriptures with them. Because we share this message. How amazing to hear. What a beautiful reminder. The message we share is TRUE. WHat  an honor it is to share that with people. To help them draw closer to Christ and find that deeper, realer happiness and satisfaction in their lives. Oh how glorious!
One of our members gave us 10 crabs the other day. That he caught. Casual. So we had crab for lunch. Hahah oh my goodness our lives are so deluxe sometimes. But I'm fully converted to sea food. I eat it all. Last night a whole plate of raw fish on cabbage as an appetizer. But really, the ocean is such a blessing for these people and they are so grateful for it adn really use it. It really does nourit these people.
Love you loads and loads!
happy week!
soeur evans

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