Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Add Up All Those LIttle Miracles

Bonjour tout le monde!

Well guess who had the happiest of happy Sundays? This missionary! We
showed up to the chapel and there was one of our amies walking in. And
make it even better, she was like a polynesian goddess with a pink
island dress and her long long hair. Love love love. And THEN we're
sitting singing our opening hymn when another one of our amis walks
in. Not just anyone, but an ami we've been trying to get to come back
to church (he'd come before I got here) since my first week. But then
he walked in and he had his son and I was just oh so happy sitting on
the bench with amis on BOTH sides. It was testimony meeting and I
prayed so very hard for the Spirit to be there powerfully and to
really touch their hearts, so they could fully understand the
importance and joy of going to church. Oh I was not disappointed. All
three hours I felt the Spirit so strongly. One of our really solid
members bore testimony. And then our sunday school was great too. God
did not let us down.

Then after church we asked one of our members (who only speaks
Bislama) to come to our lesson with our new ami. And not only did he
say YES, he offered to go with the sisters in Noumea too hahaha. And
his wife and daughter volunteered to come. So our next lesson, we'll
have a whole family of wonderful Bislama/English/French speaking
members with us. Oh my so excited.

Then later that afternoon we went to a health clinic to visit one of
our amis. (Side note, this happens to be the most tranquil lovely
health clinic ever. It's in the mountains past a tribu surrounded by
nature and streams and beauty. Anone would be healed there just by
being there.) But anyway, we were there without members because we
couldn't find anyone to come with us. Until, whaddyaknow, we finish
our opening prayer and 2 members just come walking up the driveway to
visit our ami. God is SO GOOD. Our lesson ended up being so wonderful
and the Spirit was absolutely there with us.

Moral of the story: When you truly, sincerely, with all your heart ask
for the Spirit to be with you, it WILL be. All day long I could feel
Him there with us.

Fun tidbit: yesterday we taught a member and her friends to make
cheesecake and lemon bars. Hahahahaha yikes trying to describe cooking
words is not our forte. But it worked! And they spelled out every
cooking verb for the recipes for me :)

I've been amazed by all the little miracles lately. We plan to focus
on a certain inactive during the week. Oh look at that, he randomly
walks up to us in the grocery store and introduces himself and says to
call him. We walk back to the car with our pizza (sometimes we treat
ourself, it's da bomb) and a lady makes eye contact with us, so I
start talking to her. Oh, she's an ancien ami who wants to take the
discussions again. Ok. We talk to a woman on the street and she says,
"what's your number, I'll text you tonight to pass tomorrow. But I'll
contact you...". So we give it to her not really expecting much. And
the next day we get a text from her. Tiny little wonderful miracles
everyday. You do your part and He will most DEFINITELY do His.

Sorry if this is crazy long, I have no mail to read hahaha tricked
everyone with my email schedule :)

Feeling content and watched over and praying the same for YOU,
Soeur Evans

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