Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Highs and Lows

Here are some questions and answers from McKay that I asked her to share.  After, is her letter.

What do you do to celebrate your 6th month mark?

6 month mark you usually wake up to a surprise letter or post-it design
from your companion haha and then you say "wow it's already been 6
months!!!!" and that's it really hahaha. Usually we celebrate 6, 9 and
12 month marks like that :) sometimes we treat ourselves to pizza or
pastries or desserts or ice cream bars (magnum or bounty yummmm...they
don't have gelato here)

What is your living situation?

living situation: a little house with a gate across the driveway. 2
bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/living space, washer. not much more to

What do you do on your preparation day?

pday: last pday we were with a member teaching  how to make cheesecake, and
yesterday we went to a ward activitiy and felt super awkward and
unwanted haha. we mostly just like to relax a little. we take a nap,
write letters, catch up on journals, do laundry, eat, do our grocery
shopping, drive the elders to do theirs, and then it's over. we have
to end early since we do our emails today. not too exciting, but so
needed and so nice :) we want to go picnic at a river soon or go to
the beach to write letters or go on a hike in the col de la pirogue

Do you know the other missionaries serving in your mission?

missionaries: i already know everyone in my mission..not know, but
it's only 40 missionaries and we see each other enough that we " know
' each other. but it's always nice to see them all still :)

Iorana! Bonjour!

This was a week of ups and downs. Rejections and miracles. It
certainly is true that you need to have an opposition in all things,
so no surprises that we had a little bit of both this week.

Zone Conference was glorious! We LOVE President Brewer!!! And Sister
Brewer! They are so wonderful and truly inspired servants of the Lord.
Just seeing them I was close to tears because they radiate love and
appreciation and the Spirit. They really are our parents away from
home and we love them so much. It was a day of learning and soaking in
the Spirit. I left feeling so motivated and mostly just really
encouraged and loved and appreciated. Recharged and refreshed. We
learned all about the importance of setting goals and planning and it
was a really good reminder. It helped put into perspective our own
personal need to plan as missionaries, but also the way that Heavenly
Father planned everything out too and how that should be our pattern
of life as well.

Then we had a couple of struggle days. Hahah as in our normal
appointments fell through. Or we showed up and no one was there. Or
they called and cancelled. Until pretty soon we had 8 hours ahead of
us no set plans. Hahaha nooooot the ideal. Then everyone we visited
rejected us or said they were busy. Hahaha yeah. So. We did a lot of
porte a porteing. But it was actually a jolly good time! I love porte
a porte! We get to talk to loads of people and if they reject us they
reject us, but when they accept us oooooweeee it's the best! We really
prayed before starting that we would be led to a family. And then at
the top of the hill we found one! And set up a return appt. Miracle!
After 2 days of ultimate rejection me and Soeur Beagles have found a
whole new appreciation for always being with a companion. So grateful
for companionships!

Shoot I'm out of time. But we had miracles too! Found a few new amis
and felt the Spirit really strong and it was good.

Love you all! Sorry this is so short and undescriptive.
Soeur Evans

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