Tuesday, July 22, 2014

tidbits from a mind gone blank

Allo bonjourrrrrrr

Well I know we did stuff this week, but my mind is drawing a wee bit
of a blank. So bullet points it is.

Yesterday for pday we went to the river. It's this random river in the
mountains at the end of a windy secret road and it's mostly just rocks
with some water trickling down but it was so peaceful. We just sat by
the river and wrote letters and it was surreal thinking once again
that here I was next to a wild river, in the mountains, on an island
in the middle of...everywhere :). I never ever ever thought this was
where my life would lead me, or where God would lead me, but I can't
imagine not being here or not going on a mission. So many times it
really is surreal, but then other times normal life is surreal and
just feels like a farrrr away dream.

Had dinner with a family in the ward and it felt like AMERICA. She's a
flight attendant so she travels a lot and buys food from all over. So
we had ranch dressing whaaaaat.

I now drive stick shift. Papa aren't you so proud??!!! Soeur Beagle's
one year with her american license is up so it's my turn to drive! And
hahah it's a little lurchy still but I'm getting better! I feel so

Had a ward activity. Well a missionary activity, where we showed 17
Miracles the movie. No one came. Until 1.5 hours later a member and an
ami showed up! Hahah so it was movie night with them and the
missionaries. I enjoyed it haha.

Of course we taught lessons and did missionary stuff but my mind is
drawing a blank.

Fun fact! I now dream in French! Not every time but it's official and
its' the coooooolesttttttttt. Still hard to believe that when people
speak French I know what they're saying, but God really does bless us
missionaries to do His work and thus, I really do understand! Still
learning of course, still learning a LOT, but it's exciting and

I'm happy and well (mostly...winter here gave me a cold...slash maybe
it's cause we do the bise to everyone and eveveryone else here is

love you all! Be happy be hopeful and be helpful! D&C 6:
32-37...probably one of my ultimate favorites. "Fear not little
flock... fear not to do good."

soeur evans

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