Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Working Hard and Laughing Harder

bonjour ma famile et mes amis et tout le monde!!!!!!
Oh my what a faboluolous super duper week!
I LOVE SOEUR PULSIPHER. We have been working so stinking hard. So very hard. We go from 6;00 in the morning until 10:15 nonstop with barely a breakfast or lunch break and only enough time at night to flop into bed. We are exhausted. But SO HAPPY. We have been really pushing ourselves and pushing the potential of Paita to its limits. I have high high hopes. God has been pouring out the blessings already, and it's only been one week. He sees hard work and He matches it.
We got a phone call the other day from our ami. She has decided to 'take the bapteme'. WHATTTT???? THis is literally every missionary's dream- to listen to a voicemail and have it say that they would like to be baptized, please pick a saturday between the hours of 1 and 4 and let us know when to show up. Hahaha oh my noooo way it was unreal. But it is real. I'm making no sense. My head is just full of happiness and thoughts of amis and joy. But yes, we have an ami who is very excited to get baptized. And then when we showed up to teach her, a boy who lives with her (that we've previously taught) told us that 'it is necessary that he get baptized. that is the next step. and he would like to be baptized.' AGAIN. So many blessings. We are in shock, but very happy shock. Take in mind that we also hadn't taught these amis in a month because they said they wanted to stop the lessons. God pulls miracles out of the sky and showers them down when you least expect them.
THEN. As if that wasn't enough, we had the wife of one of our amis come to church. MIRACLE. She has never really showed interest, but has always been a sideline observer of all of the lessons and such. And then all of the sudden she told our ami that she was going to come to church with him this sunday. AND THEN SHE DID! Another HUGE miracle and HUGE blessing. An absolute answer to many fasts and prayers.
Our secteur has now been expanded. We're now over Paita and Tontouta, because they pulled the Elders out of Tontouta (our last group of new arrivals had visa problems, so we're running low on missionaries out here). Which means they combined the biggest elder secteur (i think) and the biggest sisters secteur and then gave this giant secteur to us. Also this week we're starting auto-ecole which means we're stuck in a classroom for 3-4 days a week instead of out doing the Lord's work. Like I said my mind is going crazy. But mostly in a good way :)
This is the hardest I've worked on my mission and the happiest I've been. Soeur Pulsipher is an absolute delight. We laugh SO hard. With her we're either in a lesson or we're cracking up. Hahah it's the besstttttttt.
Ok, seriously, we're so happy.
They always say to give your whole heart, might, mind and strength to the Lord. To forget yourself and go to work. And I've been trying to do that my whole mission. But for the first time I feel like it's working. I literally don't have time to think about myself. To think about things I miss or things I used to do. My almost every thought is about amis or church or members or less actives. And the Lord is blessing us with such incredible abundance, more than I've ever imagined. Forget yourself. Forget your worries or your things to change. And just go to WORK. It's finally starting to click. And just like they always say, my joy is full, because of that, my joy is so full.
Much love from your delighted, grateful,

Soeur Evans
Image of the Tontouta River and a view of the mountains nearby

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