Sunday, March 8, 2015

small and simple

Bonjour my dear sweet family! And all you others!

This week I had the most incredible blessing. We got a visit from a General Authority! It's the first time on my mission and I am so incredibly grateful! He came to New Caledonia exclusively to see the missionaries and how honored do I feel to be a part of that group. To meet that qualification. God is so gooood to me!!

So on Thursday we all met together in Noumea, all 48 missionaries in New Caledonia. It was the first time seeing everyone in many long months, I think about six months, and it was a sweet moment to see all of these people I have come to love and respect. Then in walk.... President and Sister Brewer! Oh my heart just fills up every time I see them. And right behind them was Elder O. Vincent Haleck of the Pacific Area Presidency and his lovely wife. 

For the next 5 hours we were instructed and edified and taught by these four spiritual giants. When it was Elder Haleck's turn, I expected him to get up on the stand and instruct us and teach for a few hours. But instead, he stood in front of us, not even on the stand, and invited us to ask him questions. We had a Question and Answer session with a General Authority. And at times he would give the word to President Brewer or Sister Brewer or Sister Haleck.

At one point a soeur asked about the biggest mission the Halecks saw as mission president in American Samoa. And Sister Haleck got up and spoke of the biggest miracle we could ever seek. The changes within ourselves. She spoke of small and simple things. She testified of the miraculous power of the seemingly small changes the Lord makes in our hearts or the lives of those around us. Then, she also shared an INCREDIBLE story. Of how Elder Haleck at one point started to close areas. And instead of closing them in many areas, he closed 5 areas on the same coast. He didn't know why. It didn't  make sense. But he did it. And after a few months, they awoke one morning to an enormous earthquake. And then a tsunami hit. And it was  on that same coast that Elder Haleck had just closed to all but two missionaries. Those two elders who were left outran the wave and saved three children. The water rose and rose and many were killed, but all of the missionaries were safe. It was truly a miracle. Bit how touched I was that she focused the attention on the smaller, simpler miracles. "We don't need or want a miracle like that..."

Afterwards some missionaries were selected to have an interview with Elder Haleck. And again, how blessed I feel, because I was one of those chosen to meet with him. And AGAIN, he spent most of the interview talking about small and simple things. That he knows New Cal will have many stakes and a temple one day. But it takes the small and simple things to work up to that. I am so grateful for this message that the Lord passed to me over and over.

The work is in the Lords hands. Nothing can stop it. It will be done. And it will. Be marvelous. But each temple is built part by precious part, just as His Kingdom is built in small and simple acts performed by His weak and humble servants.

One day Boruail will be a stake. But today, that person on the bench needs to feel the Spirit. Our ami needs to read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony of it. All of these parts are helping the Lord in His glorious work.

I am so grateful for inspired leaders. At one point Elder Haleck expressed how sometimes missionaries are assigned to missions because of their mission presidents. I certainly feel that to be true in so many ways for me.

Love you all!
Soeur Evans

Pres. and Sister Haleck of the Pacific Area Presidency

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