Monday, March 2, 2015

Tender Moments


Well this was a fun week so I'll just do tidbits of the sunshine of my life this week

We have a lot of amis that are really progressing, but are still at the beginning of their discovery of the gospel. Just tasting it and savouring its sweetness. And it is amazing to see how fast the Lehi effect is. After just the first lesson or second lesson, people are sharing the lessons and what we teach and the Book of Mormon and the brochures with those they live. They taste it. It is sweet to them. They share it. I love the simplicity of the Lehi effect, as I call it. Too often we turn missionary work into a big scary thing in our head. And it inhibits us actually DOING IT. But with these people, they don't even think twice. It is a natural desire to share something so sweet and beautiful with those they love the most. We can learn a lot from them.

We taught our English class. And we were doing directions. We did a game where they directed us around a map on the board. Hahaha so this 56yr old French man is telling me how to get from A to B and I purposefully mess up to help him practice hahahahah and he's desperately,  hilariously yelling at me, " No, Noooooo, NO. Turn  around. Turn around!! Noooooooo!" hahahahahahahaha I about died it was so funny. Don't worry he was about dying of laughter too and throwing in French between all his directions. Hilarious. Love French people.

Had the greatest Soiree Familiale with one of our wonderful members and her family. All in all there were TEN of us. Ten!  It was so fun and such a blessing since usually her family runs away and leaves when we ask to stay for the thoughts. They love us; they just don't feel a need to stay. But we invited again and they stayed! We shared the story of Nephi being bound by his brothers on the ship. Then the storm arises because of his brothers' wickedness, and then they release him. And the first thing Nephi does is praise the Lord, swollen hands and feet and all. Such a beautiful example (1 Nephi 18). Hahah after we asked the kids what we could learn. and the youngest goes, "Don't tie up your brothers." " Hahaha yes, and what else?" "Don't travel on boats" "Hahah ok that too, but what do we really learn..." We then had a wonderful thought on thanking the Lord for trials and always praising Him in faith and love. There was such a special spirit to be all together as a family studying Gods word. They bickered less than they ever have.

Been deeply struck by the beauty and love and mercy of the Atonement this week. Every time I learn a speck of understanding more about it, my testimony and love and obedience grows tenfold. As I testified more powerfully of the Atonement this week an amazing thing happened. The spirit was stronger in our lessons. People were visibly touched. They found a new, deep gratitude for the Savior that they didn't understand before. Sweet tender truths of the gospel. They change us all.

Got to see two dear sisters from Paita! Such a sweet reunion. A tender mercy to hear about people who were inactive when I left and are now back at church. So very grateful to know these people. It makes me excited for the beautiful reunion in heaven when well get to reunite again with ALL the precious brothers and sisters we love. I want to live worthy of that always.

Had a sweet sweet lesson with one amie. She feels the Spirit so very strongly with us, but can't ever feel the same way on her own and it discourages her. But she agreed to say the closing prayer of our most recent, spirit filled lesson. And at the end up her prayer she looked up with teary eyes, holding her chest like she was holding her heart and says "I feel. For the first time I feel that relief and unwinding that I feel when you pray, but this time it was my prayer...." The gospel is personal. Anything we help amis to feel they are capable of feeling on their own. They must simply do their part sincerely and humbly to invite the Spirit into their lives and into their heart. It was so beautiful to be there for a moment when she finally understood that she too can invite the spirit into her own life by communicating with her Heavenly Father.

Loove you all. Pray more sincerely. Never let the Spirit leave you. This world is too scary and too hard to take on alone.
All my love!
Soeur Evans

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