Monday, November 10, 2014

Mango & Miracles

Bonjourrrrr tout le monde!

Oh la la qu'est-ce que c'est passe cette semaine? Well. We have two baptisms coming up. Completely no thanks to anything i did. They have been investigating the church for ~15 or more years and finally after all that they set a date! When we got to Bourail we already had a baptismal service to plan, how cool is that?! Hahaha blessings! They will be baptized the 22 of novemeber in the ocean (soooooo excited about THAT detail). Wish i could send pictures but ill describe it really well when that happens. Weve been spending lots of time preparing everything for that and its been really cool to see how it all works since i havent had any baptisms yet. God is good. 

Had easily one of the coolest moments in my life this week. Probably the epitome of an experience ive been imagining since i got my call. Were walking along this back street with jungely trees all over us.. And we walk next to a mango tree loooooaded, i mean LOADED, it was absolutely heavy, with mangoes. We walk up and each pluck one right off the tree and just bite into it as were walking. And  it was an orange color like ive never seen. My new favorite color. Dripping with this thick juice and so sweet and i just about died in the perfection of the moment. Our faces were covered in mango and our hands were all sticky, so we rinse off in a puddle from last nights storm amd wipe our hands on our very well worn missionary skirts and keep walking. Oh my it was such a beautiful  moment. That is real living. 

Sang for this really grumpy 92 year old woman. Not everyone is happy when you try to be kind to them believe it or not hahaha

Contacted a man and told him that we had a message of Gods love. He said he prefers the love of women. Then he complimented our beautiful eyes. Then we left. Just a normal contact in a normal day. Yikes.

Had a total MIRACLE. President Brewer counselled us tto pray for find old amis, or people who knew about the church from past missionaries. Well we did and the next day we found the most amazing woman. She took the lessons with the elders in 2004 and had to stop because she got sick. When she saw us she was overjoyed. She told us to come back that night. When we showed up (buzzing with joy and graittude might i add)  she had an old copy of Le Livre de Mormon on her table and began to tell us of how much she loves the gospel and how our message gives her hope in Gods love and in the world. She was overcome. And she was so grateful we were back in Bourail and that on top of that, we were women, because she feels much more comfortable with women. We are definitely here in Bourail for a reason. How sweet it is to have such a sure confirmation of that. 

The other day I realized that soon well have 7 active members in Bourail after the baptism. And immediately go, "thats a LOT"! Funny how perspective changes.

Bourail is great. We are feeling so blessed. I am feeling so blesed. Im an AUNT and am overjoyed. The Lord lives. He loves us. He is a perfect example. Im getting to know Him on a whole new level.

Looooove a jamais!
Soeur Evans

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