Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bonjour from Brousse. In the Bush Now.

Le bonhomme
La Roche Percee  (courtesy of Google images)

McKay in Magenta , NC August 2014

Bonjour from brousse! In other words hello from the bush!

Well we finally made it and we even found a way to email for a second. We are currently in the tiny office of tourism borrowing their tablet to send this but send it we will! 

Where to even begin? 

Church. Easily my most spirit filled Sunday thus far on my mission. There were only 11 people at church on Sunday. 4 missionaries, the branch presidents family, the one other active woman in our branch and her granddaughter and an ami who has been investigating the church for 17 or so years. The elders drove an hour and a half down from Kone to bless and pass the sacrament for us because there are no other active priesthood holders. Words cannot express the sacred sweetness of two young worthy priesthood holders kneeling across each other at a tiny tiny table, breaking a little piece of bread and then blessing it with the poower and authority of God so that a handfulnof people could renrw their promise with God. And then doing the same for the water. I was so overcome. THAT is why we go to church. To take the sacrament. And how sweet it is.

After church we all ate together in our kittle church room ( its jst a storefront in Bourail in village that the church rents). A true church family of love and kindness, strengthnamd faith.

Other highlights
Talking to a man on the street who was just casually walking with a cow on a leash, as his other cow moans from down the street because he is tied to the fence and doesn't want to get left behind. Hahahahazh real life.

Miracle! We are a walking secteur as you know. 'Ill mention that later. But we're walking along on our first day. We had just finished introducing ourselves to the above mentioned ancient ami and they gave us directions to a less active member. Mind you, we know no one else in this town. So were walking along this back road trhough some farmland and see a woman walking down the road about a kilometer away. As we get closer she smiles at us. Then she stops by us and asks, oh were you looking for me? ...No actually hahah uuhhhhh who are you? We're looking for.... Ahhh yes I'm  his daughter-in-law. I know the other, missionaries.... She then introduces herself and points us in the right dirction to go see the less active. What are the chances?? The ONLY other person on the road. 
Then walking back from there this random guy yells across a field, Bonjour les soeurs missionaires! Hahaha uhhhh bonjourrrr who are you? And then it jst happens to be this same mans son.The Lords hand is definitely guiding us.

Well Im gonna let Sr Gunn write her family and president now too. Sending all my love!  We are happy and safe!

ps google La Roche Percee and Plage de Poe. We drove by there when we got shown around our xecteur the other day. It is ACTUALLY that blue and that beautiful. God worked many masterpieces over here.

Looooooooove and bisous! (hahaha everyone does the bisous here and its the best)( Bisous is the French kissing thing)
Soeur Evans
Plage de Poe ( courtesy of google images)

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