Sunday, November 16, 2014

Greetings from across the Deep Blue!

Greetings from across the deep blue! 

This week we met a really awesome man. We yelled at his house until he came outside (ahahahaha once again in a part of this country where knocking is joootnpossible). He came out and invited us to take a seat on his patio. Well after talking with him for 20 or so minutes and testifying and sharing our personal stories of conversion to the gospel, he agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He goes, its reason enough to read this book if you came from so far away to bring it to me. Just the fact that you're inviting me to read it and that this book has made enough of a difference and impact on your lives to make you come here makes me convinced I need to read this book....And you could feel his curiosity to see what lay between those blue covers and to see if this book would impact him as much as it has us. What a sweet moment to get to testify and share directly WHY I am here with a stranger. To get to share my process of getting to this point in my life. How sweet to look back over my life and see all the little culminating moments that sum up to the testimony I have today. Each choice to be like Christ, each leap of faith to follow His counsel. If we aren't willing to give the Lord a CHANCE to change us, how can we ask to change? How can we ask to know? We have to do the work, of that I am sure.

Walked and walked and walked this week. All. Over. Bourail. I have a serious tan line on my feet. And a seriously brown neck.

Had a moment of utter perfection. We were walking in this neighborhood of government housing and we see a family moving in. So we go over and help them move in. A few loads later, a few kind words exchanged and they told us we could come back. AND they have FOUR SONS. Helloooooooo priesthood power for Bourail.

We've definitely been feeling the responsibility of our calling and of being up North. Sometimes it feels like the Lord just dropped us alone up here and said, "Ok. Go start the church. " hahahahshshahshs Uhhhhhhh ok easier said than done. But were doing our best. Praying a lot.

Love you all!
Soeur Evans

also totally made a classic new cal meal this week all on our own- meatballs, canned peas, cabbage, potatoes and maggi. Yummmm!

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