Tuesday, September 2, 2014

God's Pocket of Paradise

Bonjour ma grande famille!!!

I loveth you all.

Blessing of the day! After loads of preparation, fasting and prayer, I
passed the code today! Aka, in english that means step one done for
getting an international driver's license. Now I just have to pass the
driving. Yikes. Still not the smoothest stick shifter. But it was a
huge blessing and I know the Lord helped me so much. (remember, it was
all in french)

Had a great lesson this week. We read through
Mosiah 18:8-10 once with them. Then we read it to them again changing
it to make it apply to them. Instead of "waters of mormon" it was
"chapelle de Tontouta" and instead of "keeping you from being
baptized" it was "keeping you from taking the Sacrament". As we read
and applied the verses to THEM their faces changed completely. You
could legitimately SEE the understanding and clarity wash over them.
It was a really powerful moment. And it was definitely another 'click'
helping them refind their testimonies and desire to come to church. To
understand WHY it's important. I just love helping people to see how
relevant the gospel is to THEM. Sometimes I think we talk about "the
gospel" nonstop and it turns in a giant blanket idea. Which it is. It
covers all. But it is also so specific and personal. Reminding people
THAT is incredible.

Who has a testimony of home teaching and visiting teaching?? THIS
missionary. It. Is. Beyond. Important. Please oh please do your
visits. The Lord needs us to do our visits. That is the most important
calling we have. I really feel that way. The work can't hasten if the
flock is scattered. And if the flock is scattered and the shepherds
aren't gathering...well, ca fait rien. Yes the work is hastening. But
it can hasten a whole lot more when people help it. On Sunday we
introduced an inactive to her visiting teacher. And by the end of the
lesson, she asked "what time does la chapelle start again?" I told her
and then asked her if she would like to come to church this week. She
paused, looked around a little and then looked up, "if all works out,
yes. We'll see, but maybe". Yes, I understand that that's not the most
committed response. But that is a HUGE step. And I know it has so much
to do with the wonderful soeur who was with us.

One of our amies dressed us up in Walisian wedding garlands today.
Like those ribbon/confetti/pearl giant necklace laies. And then told
us to take pictures and tell our parents we're married. Hahahaha donc
voila mes parent, je me suis marie! Not really, but the pictures sweet

Almsot forgot! Last week we went to the abandoned ship again! And sat
on the beach just staring out at the gorgeous water and island we live
on. It was only us and 2 couples on the beach (hahaha), so it was
peeeeaceful and quiet. We're really on such a little corner of the
world. Safely tucked away. God's little pocket of paradise that He
keeps a special eye on.

People grow everything here. Literally you can live off the land. And
the sea. I never realized how true that was. But God gave us
everything we need. Blessings!

It's almost mango and lychee season and we haven't stopped hearing
about it. CANNOT WAIT. Been siked for this since I grasped that fact
that I was going to an island on my mission. (side note for Hay, mango
season is in december....coincidence? I think not!)

loveth you all!

Soeur Evans

ps taught primary and ooooweeeee these children are cute. Also i know
none of the primary songs in french. what a shame. But the kids take
the lead so all is well

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