Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cow Tongue Among other things

Helloooo ma chere famille et mes chers amis!!!!!

D'abord, je vous aime fort. ( First I love you very.. literal translation)

Puis (Then), well what a week. We have been feeling crazy this week. Crazy on
the inside. We have auto-ecole almost everyday. Which means meager to
no time for studies and the real MISSIONARY WORK. It kills me knowing
there are people who haven't been visited in weeks. But. I know the
Savior is keeping an even better eye on their salvation and their
needs. They are being watched over during this time when we can't
watch over them. But we're doing everyyyything we can to pass the code
next week so that we can get our permis fast and get back to devoting
ALL of our time to the work.

Have so many moments when people's little acts of kindness just make
me want to cry. Such tender people watching out for us. It's the
little things. And the big things too, but especially the sum of all
the little things.

The same amie that gave us the deer haunch gave us cow tongue this
week. We did not leave it in the car.....
 Our ami: "Just boil it, then peel off this white skin
part on the outside...make sure you peel it....then chop it up with
onions and garlic..." hahaha not that brave.

Got to do the COOOLEST service project the other day. It was just how
I pictured my mission being before I got our here. We bushwhacked a
jungle. Real talk. It was SO STINKING LEGIT. All theTahitians with
their machetes. Literally at one point an elder takes a running leap
and just slices through a banana tree trunk in one blow. And the rest
of us were clearing out giant grasses and plants and leaves and stumps
and man it was just so fun. And so much better than gardening the
normal person way. The soil is way softer. Bah I was having the time
of my life. Jungle life is fun.

An ami made me and Soeur Pulsipher matching manu ensembles. Aka a manu
and a top in awesome fabric, sewn by hand. Happy soeurs.

My love of the word of God has been burning on in full force. I have
this hunger to keep reading. I never want to stop. It is fascinating
and touching and powerful and real and oh my it is just so good.

Been reading The Word a lot more with amis as a result of this delight
in the scriptures I've been growing. I always loved the scriptures,
but it is so beyond that now. It is so much more deeply rooted. And as
I share this love with all my heart behind my testimony of The Book of
Mormon, I feel like I'm helping my amis on a whole new level. Helping
THEM cultivate that love and passion from the start. This work is SO

Sent one of our most promising amis back to Tahiti. It was sad to see
him go, but I firmly feel that we gave him all that we could have. We
invited the Spirit to touch his heart, allowed him to meet members and
most importantly, introduced him to the gospel of Jesus Christ. And of
course, we helped him to start the Book of Mormon. Which, after 1
week, HE was reciting to US. "I would like to keep this book, if I
can? It's powerful. it's touching"....."YES, you can keep the book!!"
I can't get enough of sharing this with people. There is no greater
gift in all the world. No greater privilege.

Gave my second talk in French. Always an experience.

Loads of love! The Gospel is TRUE! This missionary is changing and
happy about it!
Soeur Evans

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