Monday, September 15, 2014


Bonjour ma grande!!

Hahah words of an ami to be. Aka "hello my tall one!!!" It's the
little things like that that all add up to happiness.

Wowza motherhood is an experience. God is hilarious. I really was
pretty convinced He would send me my complete opposite to train.
Someone who's brain works in a different way than me. But ooooh nope
He basically sent me my baby self to train. Hahah it's unreal. Soeur
Gunn is great and such a hard worker. She's already a superb
missionary. She is going places. (shout out to Soeur Gunn's mom, you
did good!)
It's been a huge blessing for me to hear all of her opinions of things
and to reflect on the ways I've changed in the past 6 months. Because
she keeps reminding me of things I thought initially and things that
are hard and things that are new and goals, etc etc. And it is exactly
the thoughts I had in the beginning. And now I can see so much clearer
just how much the Lord has changed me, or tweaked me. How much I've
changed by applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By loving these people
and this culture and this country. By feasting on the words of Christ.
Of course, I've got my specific rough patches that needed and still
need sanding, but I'm so grateful that I've gotten to see a little bit
more the hand of the Lord on my heart.

We set a baptismal date last week!!!!! FIRST ONE!!!!! Oh my goodness I
am so excited for our ami! I know that if he really turns to the Lord
he can totally be ready by then. Miracle of that. We went into that
lesson with a date in mind that we were going to invite him to aim for
if the Spirit so prompted. Well we get to halfway through the lesson
and he tells us the date that he wants to keep the Word of Wisdom by.
And then casually says, "yes, so of course that will be my date de
bapteme aussi"....SAME EXACT DATE. He picked the same date that we
did! MIIIIRACLE!!! God wants him to be ready by then and so do weeeee

I now drive a fancy new automatic Toyota Yaris. Which is not important
except for the fact that I JUST got used to stick shift so now my left
foot and right hand are bored out of their minds when I drive. The
first few days I keep trying to shift and hit the clutch only to hit
air and well that was interesting.

Tontouta blessedly received it's Elders once again. So that is no
longer under our duty list and those people will get much more
attention, as they very much so deserve.

Had a deeeeelightful last week with Soeur Pulsipher. And can't
remember any of it because transfers happened and it feels like a
millenium since last Thursday with all the new changes.

It's turning into summer! Which means sweating like crazy, getting
eaten ALIVE and almost lychee and mango season!!!

Tried our first lychees. Texture of a jellyfish. Aftertaste of garlic.
Overall not my favorite flavor experience but not too shabby and
there's loooots more of those to come :)

Still loving Paita and learning gobs.

All my loving!
Soeur Evans​Soeur Pulsipher with Soeur Evans

District Meeting with Soeur Evans

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