Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I'm a Mother with Island Hair

Bonjour bonjour bonjour!

I'm a mother! Well thought I'd just get it out there! Not a mother in
the same sense as Alex though. I'm TRAINING!!! All the baby
missionaries get here on Friday and we're so intrigued and excited to
see them all!

It's been 5 months or so since our mission has gotten new sisters.
Again. 5 months. And about 2 months since we got new elders. So our
mission is in dear need of some reinforcements. We have definitely
been feeling the weight of missionaries going home and their
replacements not coming in (visa problems). But sweet rejoicing
they're coming! A whopping NINE of them! That's the biggest group our
mission has ever gotten! When I came in there were 7 of us and THAT
was a big deal, but 9 is unheard of. So yes basically everyone is
training in our mission. Hhahaha not really, but a good half of them.
Small mission details.

All I know about my baby is that her name is Soeur Gunn and she's from
Amurica. Enchante. Can't wait to meet her :))))

It is humbling and exciting to know that I'm training. I pray that I
help her have a wonderful start to her mission. It's wild to think
that was 6 months ago for me...feels like yesterday. Seriously time
whizzes by unbelievably fast. Me and Soeur Pulsipher (she's training
too!) do NOT feel like the old kids on the block, but we kind of are
at this point. Strange.

Paita has been seeing MIRACLES with our inactives. One inactive came
back to church after years and blessed her baby last week. Another one
came back out of nowhere and was enveloped by the ward. And another
one this week told us "I'm just being lazy. The Lord only asks 3 hours
of me all week. That's the least I can do for him. I'm coming to
church on Sunday". Speechless with joy. Inactive work has been such a
foreground part of my mission thus far, and the joy of seeing them
come back to church is TREMENDOUS. I don't know what it feels like to
see an ami baptized, but already, this kind of joy is so fulfilling.

One of our amis didn't come to church on Sunday, who we were really
counting on. We stopped by to make sure everything was ok later on
Sunday afternoon. We got to talk to his wife a little bit and were so
touched by the testimony she shared with us. That ever since she went
to church for the first time (only 4 weeks ago), she has seen life in
a whole new light. She declines invitations to go out and party
because she knows now that that's not what life is about. She reads
the Book of Mormon when she's feeling down. She has all of these new
desires and hopes for her life. She feels like a new person already.
Oh my goodness. Her heart has been so touched by the Spirit. What
sweet, powerful words to hear from a woman I love so deeply. A woman
I've prayed for countless times and fasted for. All we do is invite
the Spirit. He does the rest. And once the Spirit is there, once
people let Him into their hearts, the changes happen naturally.

A huge blessing this week was people expressing their gratitude for us
and for the message we bring. Four or five times this week me and
Soeur Pulsipher were thanked for the light we bring into a home, for
the hope people have found, for the Spirit people feel. For these
people it's us, it's the missionaries. But it's not us at all. It's
the Spirit. It's the light of the GOSPEL. It's the message of the Plan
of Happiness. It's the love of the Savior. What a privilege it is to
bring that into a home. To introduce that into people's lives. Into
their hearts. Into their families. Oh how sweeeet are the tidings we
get to bring.

Got our hair braided by a Futunian ami. Never ceases to be cool. She
braided it tight like nobody's business. Then she rubbed baby oil all
over our hair and our faces. Hahahahaahah uhhh.... yes so we showered
that morning, but walked out of that house looking like we'd been
camping for days. It was like Trek or girls' camp all over again
haaha. Either way, stinking cool and so fun to get your hair braided
by an islander :)

Speaking of hair, we now put coconut oil in our hair like the
islanders so that by the time we get home we'll have hair down to our
ankles. That's the goal at least.

Well that's all for this week! Still in Paita! Still loving it!
(unfortunately that means you probably won't get a picture of me until
November or so because that's the soonest I expect to get

Loove forever and ever,
Soeur Evans

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