Sunday, April 27, 2014

Missionary Life. The Real Deal.

Bonjour tout le monde!

 The most adorable children. They sang us a song in French about Jesus being with us always. melt me, my heart is liquid.

I haven't got much time, but I think this week I'll give a little day-in-the-life tour of being a missionary in Paita New Caledonia.

We get to talk to the coolest people ever. It is the most amazing blessing to have this little black badge over my heart all day every day. Because I get to talk to and meet and really get to know the most incredible human beings.

Doing porte a porte is always an adventure. First we introduce ourselves. Then we ask if they have heard of the Mormons. Then they ask if we're from Australia. No? New Zealand? No?? America???? Ohhhhh!!!! Hahah yes,but once that's out of the way we can usually get it steered back to the reason we're so far away from our home and our families: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message of hope and happiness. The message that makes homes places of safety and refuge and love. That helps EVERYONE regardless of ANYTHING.

Some fun tidbits:
-Talked to a man who was just wearing boxers. That is normal. Doesn't even phase me anymore
-Talked to a man while he burned some stuff. Everyone burns their garbage here, but it's great cause it means they're outside!
-My favorite is when we find a house where the WHOLE family lives together. And I mean the whole family. Imagine that, 20 family members all accepting the Gospel together. Wowza, that's powerful.
-We got asked out at 3 in the morning. Fun times of being two Americans who give your number to people hoping they'll call you wanting to learn more. Yes, we declined their offer.
-Talk to the construction workers outside our house every day. They are super friendly. Our goal is to give them all pass-along cards. Or Restorations pamphlets. One day.
-One of our amis literally just walks all day. We see him all the time around town or on buses. Hahah it's hilarious, he just floats around New Caledonia doing his thing. But he always waves!
-Talked to a man from Scotland. First he spoke French and was super brusque. Then we talked a little more, and found out he's from Scotland. We got to speak in English! The moment we showed just a little genuine interest and love and concern for him his attitude changed completely. He ended up being such an amazing man with a story you wouldn't believe. It was a delight. Also he speaks Gaelic.

If you're ever bored, just go talk to some people. No, bored or not go talk to some poeple. Everyone has a story. And they're always incredible.

Love forever,
Soeur Evans

- Getting as close to the water as missionaries can. it's so beautiful here, so so beautiful.

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