Sunday, May 4, 2014

He ALWAYS answers

Allooooo tout le monde!

Hahah oh my this week was so interesting. But first of all, I just want to tell you all the coolest thing ever. You know how in the Bible Christ tells his disciples not to worry about feeding themselves or clothing themselves? That He will always make sure they have food and raiment. IT IS SO TRUE. Literally every single time that me and Soeur Beagles crave a food...we get it for dinner (or dessert haha). And when we decide we want to make lemon bars for our amis (because every other dessert is trop sucre for them)...we get a dozen eggs from an inactif. And when we find out we don't have very much money for groceries...we are given tomatoes and cucumbers and cereal and bananas and cookies. HE ALWAYS PROVIDES! It is amazing. And that is just in terms of our "food orders". But I know for a fact that anything we ask of our Heavenly Father, if it's His will and if it's what's best for us, He will give it to us. He wants to give it to us. He wants us to be happy, to be joyful, to be peaceful. And we just need to pray and ask for the things we need and then have FAITH. Really believe in God and show that belief and love. Faith is both parts. Belief and action.

Speaking of that, I've decided that's one of the struggles of a mission. Listen up all ye future missionaries. All you people that hear a mission is the hardest thing you'll ever do. I never got it. It never made sense to me, no matter how many times people explained it. But that's because it's for reasons that are really hard to pinpoint and explain. Here's a few:
- We work all day every day to try to help people have the peace and joy of the gospel in their lives. We invite, invite, invite. And we know that the only way they can really feel and experience that is by acting, by trying out the things, by giving the commandments a chance to bless their lives. But it's up to them to do it. And then they don't. So the next day we go out and work ourselves silly trying to help them understand that and feel that and experience that all over again. And then they don't. Hahah so yes. I'm realizing more and more just what a gift Heavenly Father gave us when He gave us our free agency.
- Sometimes I just feel like a giant bucket. People just pour in their worries, their sorrows, their trials, their struggles, all of it. They empty their own bucket a little bit. And then by the end of our bucket, all those people later, we're feeling a teeny weeny bit heavy. A little full. But that's the beauty of the Atonement. Because it's the Atonement that empties our bucket. And truly it's the ATonement that can empty all of our "buckets".

The mission is tough. Life is tough. But we're tougher! Every day is full of happy blessings, spiritual highs and incredible moments of inspiration too.

Love forever! Praying for you always,
Soeur Evans

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