Sunday, April 13, 2014

Change of Heart

Bonjour tout le monde!

First of all apologies for the ending of the last email. I finished it and attached photos but then it wouldn't send or save so alas, it was suspenseful. I guess none of us will really know what I was going to say because another week has happened so I'm going to write about that.

This week has been incredible. Last Monday night we had a lesson with a wonderful couple. It was about the Plan of Salvation, our Heavenly Father's plan for us, starting in the premortal life and continuing on after our death to the Celestial Kingdom. As we taught the lesson the Spirit was so strong. But my favorite part was at the end. Our amie (ami de l'Eglise is the name for "investigators" here) bore her testimony. She talked about the way her entire disposition and countenance has changed since she started talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, reading the Book of Mormon and talking with the missionaries. About how she's more patient, kind, loving, compassionate, selfless and energetic. How she had prayed with questions in her heart and the next day received all of the answers at Church. I have heard accounts like that from so many people since being out. Of the way that people change because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And there is absolutely no way that any book could do that. Or that a couple of young women with nametags could do that. Nope. Not possible. Only the Spirit and the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ could do that. Oh my, it is all there. All the answers we could ever need, all the potential that we could ever reach is right within our grasp. What a tremendous blessing it is to be bringing that to people.

I also got to watch General Conference! Baaaaah best weekend of the year! (or should I say one of two best weekends :) ) New Caledonia has one stake for the whole island, so we everyone gathered in the gorgeous stake building (chapels here are so much airier, I love it) and listened to the words of God through the apostles and prophet. The first session was all in French and that was a little tricky hahah. But then they had in in English!!!!!!! (black and white haha but English nonetheless) God loves us so much to let us all learn in our mother tongue. Right now, I need English to learn. And other people need French. And I get to help OTHER people learn in their mother tongue! It's the best! I especially loved President Monson's talk on charity and Uchtdorf's on the Atonement. Those were my favorites.

Funny moment of the week: We went to eat lunch with a less active member. And he goes, "ohhh I didn't make much, just a little something so we could share a meal together".... Then proceeds to feed us tahitian salad and crab stuffed tomatoes (casually through in that he'd caught the crab that this real life?) and chicken/potato/apple curry and rice and meat and veggies. And I kid you not every three minutes he goes, "Mangez! Mangez! Mangez! Mangez mes soeurs!" Hahaah it is literally impossible to walk out of a house without being stuffed here :) Then he also gave us pudding and chocolates. And before we left he stuck a box full of milk, 10 bananas from his garden, a box of cookies, chocolates, a bag of candy and juice in our car. People are SO GENEROUS. It's amazing. So yes I am being well fed hahaha

Love you all loads,
Soeur Evans

Favorite island scripture (there are loads!): 2 Ne 29:7 :) Heavenly Father definitely remembers those that are upon the isles of the sea.
Studies on the Beach during Auto-Ecole

average paita countryside shot (the drive to church in Tontouta)

This was eaten. this is bat (OH! i also ate deer this week...shot by a neighbor of a member, not a big deal)

Sister Beagles and I preaching the word

Gardening with a family

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