Monday, April 7, 2014

That Time I Ate Bat

Hello Good People of the Earth!

My heart is so happy. Picture all of the best things, plop them into one place and you have found yourself in New Caledonia. Over and over this week I can't get over the fact that I am in the best place on Earth (granted I'm a little biased haha but I'm allowed to be :) ). Every morning without fail the sun rises onto a beautiful day, the green outside is just as green as the day before, the sky is bright blue and the people are awake and wonderful as ever. Not to mention that this is a tropical island, they speak the most beautiful language, they sell French pastries (oh so goooood) and it's an endless summer. Hi, I'm Soeur Evans and I'm in love with my mission.

Also this week was quite adventurous. I ate bat. Yep, true story. I looked in the pot and go, "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" "Roussette?" "Quoi???" "*flapping motion"......"Ohhhhhh!!!" Hahaha yep and then I look a little closer and there, right in that pot, was a nice little black leathery wing with a little black hand attached to it. And a skull with eyes and this really freaky smile with its pointy little teeth. Hahaha and then it was on my plate and then I ate it. My piece was part of the arm/body I think? It was decently good, just really tough. According to Soeur Beagles, who is a CHAMP, the skin is also quite tough. Oh yes, and they ate the brain and opened up the mouth to eat the tongue too, it was very impressive.

I also ate dragonfruit, avocado the size of my head from some of our investigators (so nice!), manioc, tahitian salad (kind of like greek salad with raw fish added? raw fish, tomatoes, carrots, lemon juice, etc.) and liked it! In case anyone was unaware, I'm not a huge fish person, but I am determined to change that fact while I'm here and I prayed so hard to like it and God answered me! He is aware of all of our little worries too, of that I am positive.

Another fun fact. Over here if you ask for aloe vera, people hand you a plant instead of a bottle. No joke, last night one of our members just went into his backyard, cut off a part of an aloe plant and gave it to us. So now we have a leaf thing the size of my arm to rub on our sunburn. It's awesome! I love that life here is so natural. Love it.

One day this week, I was doing studies on the beach while Soeur Beagles was in auto-ecole. I was with two of the other new sisters. And we were sitting there when a boy came up and asked who we were and what we were doing. So I gave him a brief overview of the Restoration and our purpose as missionaries. And then he left and his brother came over. And then pretty soon we had 3 local men standing there talking up a storm with us, asking us what we were doing and why were we so far away from America. I was worried that none of us would understand what they were saying, but Heavenly Father opened up my mind and helped me understand them. It was amazing! None of our experienced, senior companions were there, but Heavenly Father gave us the aid we needed to do His work. I have found that to be so true. The gift of tongues is real. When we are doing His work, He will bless us. We just have to ask and be worthy. I am so grateful to get to experience that everyday as I try to talk to, help, serve and love these people. Heavenly Father doesn't let language get in the way of the Spirit.
( The rest of her letter didn't come through-- so that's all we have for today.  --via her Mom)

Soer Evans

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