Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Lord's Bountiful Hand

Bonjouuuuuuur mes cheries!

Well the Lord is so good to us. We had.......22 LESSONS THIS WEEK!!!!!! I am sure that to some that looks like nothing. But it is absolutely incredible to us. We started in Bourail with about 7 lessons a week and almost all of those were with our recent convert couple preparing them for baptism. When they were baptized we were still able to maintain 7 to 11 lessons a week. The longer we've been here the more we teach and this week just blew us away. We feel so very blessed. How rewarding it is to start a secteur. To arrive and have nothing. To know the President of the branch lives an hour away and there is a couple preparing for baptism, but apart from that it's been years since missionaries set foot here. And then to look back over the weeks of hard work and truly see the fruits of your labors. Lists of names of people we teach and of inactive members in the area that have been lost for years. How sweet it is to be an instrument in the Lords hand.

Unfortunately there is opposition in all things and despite inviting every one and their dog to church we ended up with only 6 people at church. Hahira and 2 of those were us, one was our branch president and one was his 9 year old son. We gave the talks and taught Sunday school. We will be giving the talks and teaching Sunday school next week as well. And the week after that. Hahahah on the brightside I only need a little post it note of scriptures and s few minutes to pray and ponder in order to prepare for talks now :)

Sr Gunn and I are staying in BOURAIL!!! No transferring for us :)

We love you! Hahaha oops I'm so used to saying we. I love you all!
Talk to someone about Christ. Guaranteed it will lighten their day. 
Soeur Evans
Mangos & Umbrellas-- Part of Summer

A peaceful moment in paradise

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