Sunday, January 4, 2015

11 months on the Mission, 20 Years on this Earth

Skyping home on Christmas Day with Sr. Gunn
Dessert Table on Christmas Day- French
Christmas Feast with Area Missionaries
Happiness is Skyping with Family
Cooling off on a Summer Day- Dec 25, 2014
Missionary Christmas Day in Noumea

Happpy Happppy Days to you all!!
I missed so many big days with email not working last week. The place we do email was closed and we were so so very sad. But! Its open today sweeeet praises!

Quick recap so you know briefly my life over this holiday season. 

Last week we spent most of the week in Noumea. We had a big missionary Christmas devotional with our whole island (about 40 missionaries total). Twas grand to see everyone but it felt super weirdly normal. Hahahaha almost like a normalish social situation.

For Christmas Eve we had a grand meal with some members down in Noumea. Christmas Eve here is rung in with sea food so the table was arrayed in mussels and shrimp and loads of raw fish.

Christmas day we got to spend with the Guidis because proselyting is impossible on Christmas day here. It was sooooo wonderful to get to talk to my sweet family!! The rest of the day was full of fun activities with the Guidis and other missionaries. Hahahah when we showed up they told me and Sr Gunn to go sit on the couch and relax. Hahahahaha we just stared at each other in confusion and awkwardness because we literally don't remember how to relax. We are so used to constantly doing something. We lasted about 10 minutes on the couch and then had to stand up and find something else to do that the other 10 missionaries hadn't already done. It was a lovely day full of the Spirit.

We went back up to Bourail on Friday. As soon as we were back we felt a huge ease wash over us. It felt good to be back with these people we know and love doing the work we know and love. 3 days away from our secteur felt like a long time, regardless of the wonderful things that happened those 3 days.

Other details... live have been out 11 months! Eeepers that's crazy! 

Also I am 20.  Baaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Sr Gunn is the cutest and she spoiled me on my birthday :) But God really outdid Himself on my birthday. ALL OF OUR PLANS WORKED. That is unheard of. All of our amis were there for their lessons. The Spirit was unbelievable. We had a day FULL of missionary work and the Spirit filling our hearts. I couldn't ask for anything better.

This Sunday our recent convert passed the sacrament for the first time. Cane in one hand, sacrament tray in the other, he hobbled between all 10 of us and used the Lord Holy Priesthood for the first time. It was such a tender moment to watch him and to feel the Spirit of this moment.

We taught a lesson for the New Year for our little branch. Hshahaha church is basically us giving talks, us teaching Sunday school and then us doing a third hour of sorts. Hahaha it's unconventional. These poor sweet souls need some other people to hear from. But! I HIGHLY recommend reading the talk "The Best is yet to Come" by Jeffrey R Holland. It is life changing.

Fun fact. It was 115°F on New Year's Eve. We were out doing porte a porte and joking about how we felt like we were literally cooking ourselves and then found out we were. Yowza it is hot.

Looove you all. Sorry for the scatterdeness. Too much to tell!
Soeur Evans

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