Monday, December 8, 2014

This is the Lord's Work

Dearest family! Chere famille! And friends too of course,

Well the Lord just blew us away this week. Miracle after miracle.

Our elderly couple who just got baptized have changed drastically. They used to be a little on the grumpy side and quick to complain at times. Well since their baptism and confirmation they have been glowy, happy and sweeeeeet as can be. They are lit with the light and love of God and of their Savior. They have made many comments on the change they have felt in their home since they received the Holy Ghost. The testimony of the man this week at church was one the simplest most sincere testimonies I've ever heard. It made my heart tingle and my eyes burn with emotion. It is all so real. So true.

We also were walking back from trying to followup on someone we had met the other day. They weren't there, so we were walking back to town, because they live in a raaaandom side of town with no one around. Well we see a woman sitting on a bench so we go over and talk to her and before long she says that she was just in the middle of thinking about baptism. I'm sorry, what? BAPTISM? Well, we can most certainly be of service to you with regards to this subject. We proceeded to share a brief message with her and teach about the importance of baptism. She set up another appointment without hesitation.

THEN. This was my favorite one. We are about 45 minutes away from home or town or anything doing porte a porte. And all of the sudden out of NOWHERE it starts to downpour. Like DOWNPOUR. Within 10 seconds we were completely soaked. We're running along the side of the road holding our bags and splashing in 6 inch puddles and just dying laughing because it was so unreal and we were soooo far away from anything. And this woman pulls over and offers us a ride. Long story short, her mom took the lessons 20 years ago and she's now older and has started her family and is going through a rough time. She wants to get back to the fundamentals and asked if we could come by. She lives at the end of an inaccessible road by foot, so we never would have found her. 5 minutes after she dropped us off in town it stopped raining and the sky cleared up. God made the storm for her.

We got a call the other night from a mother asking for a blessing for her daughter in the hospital. We show up and it's a woman who has been inactive for 35 years and who isn't even in the directory. The elders drove down from Kone to give a blessing. We stopped by yesterday and her fever broke and she will be leaving the hospital today. We now know her and her family and they said we van visit them. Miracle. Lost sheep are not lost to the Lord.

So many more. So many more. God is just raining them upon us.

Cute Soeur Gunn's Mom sent us a make your own Christmas tree kit, SHOUT OUT THANNNNK YOU!  So we have a Christmas tree made out of lights on our wall covered in pictures of our families. We are getting in the noel spirit.

looove you so!
Soeur Evans

Notice the miracles in your lives this week!
If you don't see any, focus extra hard in having faith worthy of miracles


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