Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Little Noel

Bonjouuuuur et joyeux fetes!

This week was much slower than the past. We're down to the very last people in Bourail who don't know us yet. Literally everyone knows us. And almost none of them are interested. Which means we basically walk around talking to people, greeting them by name and casually trying to ask if they're interested to learn more yet? Hahahahah basically in our heads, "bonjouuur estelle! ca va? You interested yet? How about now? Nope? Ok, we'll stop by next week. Maybe you know someone who would be interested? Can we do anything else to help you? Anything at all?"

Hahaha it sounds desperate but we're much more tactful in real life.

We have a few SUPERB people were teaching. They need it so bad. They need the Gospel of Jesus Christ so bad. They flood us with questions and we want to answer them all, cause we can, but we have to help them build the bade first. If you build a house without the foundation it will fall. So much as we want to we lay foundation and try to answer enough questions to help them recognize that the true, widespread answer is the Gospel. We wish so much we could just download the gospel into people. Probably doesn't make sense. But we meet these people with such deep aching needs and questions and it is SO clear that they need the gospel. They need the Lord. And we just want to press a button so THEY can realize that too and be healed and filled and fed all at once. But the Lord works little by little so we keep praying and studying and fasting and praying some more that these people will hold on long enough to see how happy and joyful their lives can and will be with the gospel and Christ at the center.

Me and Sr Gunn organized a Christmas activity for our ward yesterday. Oh my it was a heart melter. We acted out the nativity and sang as we went to fit with the story line. Almost everyone present played a part in the nativity, leaving our audience smaller than our actors, but it was so joyful! All of these precious people that I love so, dressed up as shepherds and wise men, singing and miming the story of Christ's birth. The cutest. Then we showed a short film of Christ. And we finished with everyone testifying of Christ. The Spirit was there. It was so simple and small; maybe 15 of us, but we all remembered the true meaning of Christmas. The greatest gift in our lives. The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who came to this earth and LIVED for us and then died for us. He lived the example. He showed us the way and made the way possible. My gratitude for Him is infinite and unending. I love Him so. 

May you all feel the Saviors vast, encompassing love this week,
Soeur Evans

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