Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walking on Water

Greetings world!
Sorry for last week's measly email, but this week I'll do better.
My AWESOME news this week is that I finally got to see some ISLAND DANCING!!!!!! It was the 2 year anniversary for our stake here (how unbelievable is that, they have only had a stake in New Caledonia for 2 years?! The church is still so new here) and so of course they celebrated it the way any true island would. With some beautiful island dancing. Each ward performed and represented a different island. So we had Walis and Futuna, Tonga, American Samoa and Tahiti. They do different islands every year. OH MY GRACIOUS. I literally couldn't wipe my grin off my face or stop giggling to myself of utter delight. My whole heart felt like it filled up when it started. I can't believe He sent me HERE. I can't believe that I get to be a part of THIS. The dances were beautiful, then delightful, then happy, then graceful, then crazy super legit and intense (as in men dancing to drums in the most extreme islandy form) and then just.... basically it was the best. I love this culture so much. And their culture is so rich and vibrant and ancient. All I could think all night was how incredible their temple dedication ceremony will be. One day. And I WILL be there.
I ate fois gras this week. AKa duck liver. And I liked it... what is happening to me I eat everything and I like it.
Our new delight is walking with one of our less actives every morning. She needs to walk, on doctor's orders (and she needs the endorphin boost, as does everyone everywhere) and it is so funny to walk with her every morning and wave to the people driving by (including some of our amis hahah their faces...) and hear her stories. She's from la Reunion, by Africa, but has traveled all over with her dad being in the Army. And she's lived in quite a few places. AND she speaks English better than pretty much all of our amis or members so it's a delight to be with her. hahah such a funny way to start the day.
Have felt an outpouring of love and support. Thank you for your prayers and support and counsel and encouragement. It helps more than you could all know. I have felt my Heavenly Father's love for me so personally too. After a few days of feeling a little discouraged, I prayed extra hard for His support and a knowledge that He was there for me personally. And in our LAST appointment of the day, because of a cancellation and a reschedule and all sorts of things that were out of my control, my prayer was so clearly answered. I am learning that sometimes He gives us just a little time to feel things out for ourselves. Like when Christ was walking on water and His apostle started to walk towards Him. And then he fumbled and just barely started falling into the waves. We have those few "seconds" of falling into the waves or feeling a little alone. But then He ALWAYS picks us up again. He DOES answer us. Always. What a powerful experience it was for me.
I love you all. I love every day and every moment I get to learn. Praying for you always,
Soeur Evans

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