Monday, March 17, 2014

When your Heart is Torn in Two

Dearest loved ones,

Given my emails from family, it looks like my special news has been spoiled. But I'll just pretend like you don't already know :)

I got my VISAAAA! my heart is ripped in two. President Wilson called me in after a Zone Conference and I assumed it was just a normal "how are you doing?" meeting. But it wasn't. I never imagined I could become so attached to a place in such a short amount of time, but when he told me my visa was here I really couldn't decide if I was excited or devastated. I found out on Friday and for about 2 days I was mostly in a state of shock and decided to pick an emotion right in the middle of the two...which means I was pretty much neutral and void of all emotional extremes of any sort. Hahaha not really the best way to be a good missionary, but you do what you can. 

Trust me, I was just as surprised by my reaction as all of you are right now. It is such a testimony to me that as we love the way the Savior does, time and location and circumstances don't matter. People DO. I will dearly miss so many people that I've met out here and feel incredibly blessed to have gotten to know them. 

The week previous is mostly a blur now given that news, but we had a cool miracle! Someone suggested that we go visit their friend, thinking he would like to hear our message. We went to his house and knocked on his door, but no one answered. So we decided to tract around the area for a little bit. Well we met a nice old lady and we have a return appointment set up! And guess what! That friend we were supposed to contact...yep he got baptized about a year ago and is an extremely active awesome member of our ward now (his name was just misspelled). The Lord led us to that area to find this woman, and he needed an out of date referral to get us there :)

I've been trying to saturate myself with as much America as physically possible this week. And all things cold. Heavenly Father must have heard my plans cause He certainly provided the cold with all this snow ahahah. If you're wondering what else Sister Evans is doing this week, you can imagine me walking through snow, eating Chik-fil-a and drinking a milkshake. Because that may have happened an hour ago anyway haha. 

Next time I write to you all I'll be on a tropical island!! BAAAAAAAAH THAT IS CRAZY. I tried so hard to push that out of my mind while in Virginia that now it seems like a super surreal, SUPER BEAUTIFUL dream of the past. And pretty soon it will be REAL. 

Love forever and ever!
Sister Evans (for 6 more days)

This week my favorite quote has been one my dearest mother sent me:
"You're not called to serve in a place, you're called to serve in place of the Savior." How true that is! But mission calls are still inspired. That's for certain :)

1: hi yes I held a baby chicken and it was also. also hahah Sister Redd :) this is normal

: snooowwwwwwy. want to hear how blessed I am? A member in my ward knit those red mittens for me <3 <3 

: this is my hard core work outfit. haha but really these are all clothes that i just found lying around or in give away piles. I love this farm and I LOVE that man behind me :)

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