Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Soeur Evans has landed

Soeur Evans began her journey around the world on Sunday, March 23 bound for the  "Isles of the Seas".
Her journey began in Richmond, VA at 4 pm, travelling to Charlotte, NC, then Los Angeles, CA where at 11:30 pm she boarded Fiji Airlines for 11 1/2 hrs of flight non-stop to Fiji.  From there she transferred to a smaller plane headed for Port Vila, Vanuatu where she arrived at 8:40 am on Wednesday, March 25th, after 25 hours of travel.  She lost a full day as she crossed the international date line.  She will stay 2 nights in Vanuatu until boarding Vanuatu Air bound for her final destination of Noumea, Caledonia.  The mission home reports, " she appears to have survived the travel well, and looks happy and excited to be here." She has been assigned to Païta (French pronunciation: ​[pajta])  a commune in the suburbs of Nouméa in the South Province of New Caledonia, the capital city.    It will be at least a week before we hear an update from McKay.

Her new mailing address will be :
                           Soeur McKay Evans
                           L'Église de JÉSUS-CHRIST des Saints des Derniers Jours

                           Mission de Vanuatu Port Vila
                           Pour Elder et Soeur Pecqueux
                           73 rue Roger Gervolino, BP 15154,  Aérodrome, Magenta
                           98804 Noumea Cédex,
                           Nouvelle Calédonie

It takes about 4 weeks for mail to arrive, but only takes 1 international stamp.  I am sure she would love letters which she can read anytime and at her leisure.

New Caledonia

 Soeur McKay Evans with Newly Arrived Missionaries to  New Caledonia with President Brewer, her mission president  

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