Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Lord is My LIght....

Bonjouuuur mes cheris!

Hello my dear sweet ones!

My heart and my head are about bursting with happiness. I just got a load of the most joyful picture-perfect pictures from my

family and oh la la they are just the cutest and most wonderful. 

On top of that we had the most superb week.

Every night I go to bed and just about burst to pieces with gratitude for the amazing day that just finished. My mission has been nothing I expected and everything I needed. And it is incredible to live these past few months because I feel like Heavenly Father opened up a GIGANTIC reserve of blessings and is just gushing them onto me, saying, "Wait! I still have all these blessings for you before you go, here you go!"

Basically, I am really happy.

Remember that couple we miraculously found doing porte-a-porte in a part of a secteur we're never in. Well we basically finish a lesson, can't stop talking about them for 3 days and then see them again and then can't stop talking about them for another 3 days and then it continues like that. They are everything a missionary to dream to meet and experience. We go to lessons expecting the best and come out having just experienced even better. I literally am shaking during every lesson with them cause the Spirit is so strong. My teeth practically start shattering. It may sound absurd, but the Spirit just fills my heart so full that it about bursts out.

I'll just list a few of the incredible things they have said, but it still won't do justice;
- "So what did you think of the verses we left last time?" "Oh, I haven't read them yet. I'm starting at the beginning and then I'll read all the way up to them..." "Ah, bon?? Haha ok!"
- "Did you notice a difference this week as you read the Book of Mormon every day?" "Well, yes. Of course. How could you not. (holding the BoM) Saying I don't want to read this book would be like saying, 'No thanks, I don't want an incredible peace in my life. No thanks, I don't want my family to be more unified. No thanks, I don't want to be happy.' Of course it's true. That's not a question..."
- "...The day I make that promise with God there is no backing out. I will not turn back. " (doesn't translate as well as in french)

They are just the most incredible family of all time. What a privilege to be 'their" missionaries.

And that is just a couple of so very many incredible people that we are teaching right now. Our amis are progressing. They are keeping COMMITMENTS! Sweet praises I have waited a long time to teach people like this. I have been praying for these people my whole mission. And it has been worth every single second. I would change nothing on my mission. Every experience has taught me and strengthened me and helped me to meet myself and meet the Lord on a deeper level. But these last few months are so sweet. Sweet is truly the best word I can choose, they are sweet.

We also tried to do our coutume to the tribal chief of the area. But he wasn't home when we went. Neither were his tribal counselors. So we have to go back another time. Sometimes contacting coordonees gets a little complicated :)

On Pday we went to the beach. This country is so incredibly beautiful. It never ceases to overwhelm me with gratitude. I have much more hints as to why Heavenly Father sent me out onto this island, but sometimes I still don't know how I deserved this all.

Our members are getting very involved in the work with us. FInally discovering the secret to getting members to work with you. Show them you care about the work more than you care about them. It sounds kind of odd maybe, but that's what made the difference here. We chose the work over everything else and now our members are catching the spirit too. It is UNBELIEVABLE the difference that members make. Secret to all of you members out there: We NEED YOU. And we need your HELP more than your FOOD. Also, we LOVE you so much.

Well, I hope that could sum up a little bit of the incredible joy of this week and of this work.

The Lord is my light. And oh how He's brightened my life.

I love you all endlessly, 
Soeur Evans

District Missionaries

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