Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bold and Busy


Hello my sweets!

This week will be short, but I'll do my best.

The giant tender mercy was getting to hear from Elder Kevin Pearson of the Seventy. He came to our Stake Conference this weekend and gave two WONDERFUL discourses to the entire stake. And then he asked to do an special missionary training as well on Sunday evening. Oh la la it was incredible. Highlights:
- Teaching us to be agents, not objects. Objects are acted upon, but agents ACT. It is up to us to have a spiritual experience at church, to feel the Spirit, to strengthen ourselves. It is up to us to act and do and not just wait on the person at the pulpit to inspire us and motivate us to get off our chair and ACT. Loved that. Spot on. 
- He told us to raise our expectations.
- We have to push ourselves over the frontier of faith. It is after that borderline that we will see miracles. And of course to get there, we have to improve our attitude and be diligent. Hard work hard work hard work and also genuine happiness. 

So so many other wonderful things. He is Bold with a capital b. But behind it all was a pure love. When you truly love others you will tell them the truth to help them become better. Maybe it will make them squirm a little, but when it is coming for someone how loves them, they will reflect and then, they might actually GET BETTER. I definitely appreciated his comments and was wishing I'd heard them approximately 16 months ago so I could apply them for more of my mission. But I'll just make the most of these last 2 months :)

Our weeks continue to be full to the brim. We run from lesson to lesson and still don't fit some people in. It kills me when someone calls and has to reschedule because it usually means it will be another week until we see them. The worst, but I guess it's also the best? I've never been so busy in all my mission.

After a much too long 2 weeks (for the above reason), we saw my favorite miracle couple again. The wife said she missed us and it was way too long to wait to see us again. She has miracles experiences every time we come that have happened during the week. It is amazing the progress they are making. We scheduled our following lesson for four days later :) Much sooner. 

Another couple we teach is usually a little more hesitant. They are Protestant and like meeting with us but are less interested in doing anything with what we teach. Well we love teaching them and they have so much potential, so we always go hoping to touch their hearts. One day something will click and they will just latch onto it all, I just know it. During our lesson this week we read Alma 32 with them and, quite boldly thanks to Elder Pearson's counsel, invited them to nourish the word we've been giving them if they want to see the fruit. Aka, read the Book of Mormon. After reading the chapter together, the Spirit was so strong and their eyes seemed to be all lit up. The clarity of this sacred book had touched them and (hopefully) ignited a new desire to discover it for themselves. We felt prompted to ask them if they'd noticed a difference in their life since we started coming. Had they had a "gonflement de coeur"? A swelling of their heart? The wife was nodding like a crazy person before the question was even over. She has become more patient, more faithful, more loving. And then she said one of my favorite phrases. "When you don't come, it's like I'm hungry. I get hungry for your visits. They make me feel so good". The Spirit and the word can truly change our hearts.

I'm out of time, but I love you all. The Lord work miracles! Plan for a busy busy day and He makes it happen. Fill your agendas with all the details to do good and He realizes them! 

My heart is full.

Love for always and forever,
Soeur Evans

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