Monday, May 18, 2015

Melodies of heaven

Bonjour et Salut!!

Oh la la la la je ne sais pas ou commencer. I don't even know where to start. I keep thinking that I'll reach a plateau of blessings, but I have yet to experience that. Somehow I got on the uphill track that continues to bring blessing upon abundant blessing. And I have no desire to change tracks :)

Well, as per usual, I shall begin with the highlights.

This week, we had a night of no rendezvous. Nobody scheduled. So during the day we went out and tried to do some follow up and get some things scheduled. And it worked. We showed up that night to the home of a couple who previously took the lessons. They are Futunians (all Walisians and Futunians are Catholic. And they have been for generations upon generations). But of course, they were very kind and welcomed us into their home.

We walk in and think that they have company over, so we offer to come back another time when they are less busy. They tell us that there's always that many people and that it's not a problem at all if we stay. So we sit down on a woven mat in their main room, just us and the couple and their daughter. Before the prayer, the wife invites the other people who were there to join us. Suddenly we're sitting there with EIGHT FUTUNIANS facing us in silence waiting for us to begin. Um. That is approximately eight times more people than we ever teach at a time haha.

As always, we began with a prayer. And after the prayer came the message. You may think that it is automatically easy for us, as missionaries, to teach the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone. But fun fact, it is a little nervewracking and sometimes slightly awkward to be an invited guest in the home of 8 strong Catholics and to share this bold and unique message of truth. Nevertheless, share it we did. We are called to be BOLD and to serve and LOVE our brothers and sisters. Although talking about 'faith' or 'the life of Christ' would have been easy, nothing proves our love like sharing the message that God loves us and is constant and unchanging.

Oh my, the Spirit was so strong. Words and promises and testimonies were coming out of my mouth on their own. During that lesson we were definitely not the ones teaching. We were simply instruments in the Lord's wise hands to bring this message to eight of God's beloved children. The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

But the best is yet to come! After the closing prayer, the wife turned to me and goes, "Do you not like to sing?" "Why, yes, I do in fact like to sing" And then, oh words cannot even describe. Then, sitting together on the floor, we sang "Instant de Paix, Moment Si Doux"  (Secret Prayer in English). When the chorus came, Soeur Giles and I were belting the words to the melody and all eight of them in their sweet deep voices were harmonizing. The floor was shaking. Hahah I was shaking. And I just wanted to cry I was so happy. It was the most beautiful beautiful music.

So that was by far my favorite moment of the week.

Other delights and real life moments:
-Sr Giles and I take turns being sick. One day on, one day off. It's dandy. But it's not enough to keep us off the streets and out of houses. We continue, hilariously weak and uncomfortable at times, but we continue.
-We showed up to one of our dinner appointments to find half the ward there. Normal. Then we helped a soeur do her english homework. Also normal.
-It is beginning to be coooold here. I wore a scarf and a sweater the other day. I think it may be in the seventies. Maybe sixties. I've turned into a hot-weather-lover.
-Our amis keep on progressing! People are receiving testimonies, keeping the Word of WIsdom, praying, and ohhhh all sorts of lovely things!
-We currently have more amis than I've ever had on my mission. So many miracles.

Well, I love you all. This work is TRUE. It's true because it continues. And it continues on in light and joy. I've never been so happy and blessed and sure.

Sing a song to someone. Bear your testimony. Tell someone about the Book of Mormon. The Lord can work miracles with us, of that I am sure!

Love forever,
Soeur Evans

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