Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let the Holy SPirit Guide


Baaaah this week I feel like I'm exploding with stories to tell and experiences to share. Here goes. 

First of all, a great big HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Joyeuse Fete des Meres maman :) It was so wonderful to see and hear my sweet family! Grateful for a family that loves me through my awkwardness. That transition to normal person life is going to be something else. 

Ok. Before anything else, I have to tell the most incredible story. This happened earlier today and I still can't believe this is my life. First of all, some background. Way back when I first got to Paita (at the beginning of my mission), we were teaching a man, we'll call him O. Well O was really in progres and he fixed a baptismal date and was AWESOME. Then we left Paita. He did not get baptised. Now I'm back in Paita. And for a month we have been trying and trying to contact him. We've called and stopped by his house, but every time we go he's not there, or just barely left. Bah. 

So it's been about a week since we last tried. I started feeling like he was just ignoring us. Then last night I had a dream about O. Then today at around noon, we had some free time before a lesson. O's name popped into my head, but I thought to myself, "Huh.....noooo. It's the middle of the day, he's at work. Why would I think of him now?" And 10 seconds later Soeur Giles goes, "this is gonna sound really weird, cause it's the middle of the day.....but I feel like we need to go see someone?" "Ah, oui? Who?" "O...." "No way!!! I was just thinking that but then I was like noooo that's silly" 
So off we go, to O's house. We're both super confused, cause seriously at noon here, everyone is at work or sleeping or something. It was the least likely time to see him according to logics. We pull up to his house and its deserted. No one home, no cars. Huh. So we park our car and say a prayer explaining that we had heeded the prompting and asking to be led to whoever we were supposed to meet at that moment. I open my eyes and get out of the car and the next second, O's TRUCK COMES PULLING AROUND THE CORNER. NO. WAY. He pulls up beside me and stops his truck and looks down all confused, "Evans?? How are you back here? I haven't see you in forever" "Uhhhhh I'm back in Paita!!! We came to see you!" 
I was dumbstruck. Me and Soeur Giles were standing there in the middle of the road as he parked his giant construction truck on this tiny road, and we couldn't stop giggling. "Did that just happen? Is this happening? THE SPIRIT IS THE BEST THING OF ALL TIME." Hahahaha we were just freaking out cause it was so unreal. Turns out he had come back for a quick lunch break in the middle of his workday. It was a moment of being completely guided by the hand of the Lord. He made our paths cross. But if we hadn't followed the Spirit, we would have continued on in our normal day and missed out on one of the most incredible experiences of my mission. 

I hope I did that experience justice. I felt like I was living a General Conference talk. We had a prompting. It felt silly. It felt a little ridiculous actually. We followed it anyway. When we arrived and saw no one, we didn't keep driving. We prayed and parked. And then, how marvelously we were REWARDED. Oh the Spirit is so real. He is the best guide our Savior could ever have given us. We just have to heed him. 

Other highlights of this marvelous week:
-Our day after Skype was one of our best days yet. We had lesson after lesson and the Spirit was so strong. Blessings. 
-Had an incredible incredible lesson with a new ami we met. The Spirit was poured upon us and as we testifed she started bawling, she was so overcome with emotion. The Spirit truly fills our mouths with the words that others need to hear, and fills their hearts with peace and comfort.
-Had a lesson with one of our couples. They often tell us they are simply "open to listening", but not really searching for a change. Well we taught the Plan of Salvation and at the end of the lesson asked when we could come back. Hahahah and the husband goes, "Well, are you free Thursday?" It was Monday night. As people learn gospel truths their hearts are touched and they yearn to learn more. 

Ok, well that's all for today. I love you all! Bisoux a vous tous!

Seek the Spirit. And when you find it, follow it. 
Soeur Evans

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