Monday, February 9, 2015

Sometimes people are mean



Well, surprise surprise.......WE'RE STAYING IN BOURAIL!!!Hahahahahzhah me AND Soeur Gunn. -Hahahahaha it is unreal. By the end of this transfer it will have been seven and a half months together and five months in Bourail. We are shocked because we were basically positive that  one of us would be leaving because it's unheard of to be together this long. But we are so crazy grateful to stay together and help Bourail to progress and help strengthen and bring others unto Christ.

The fun new news is that there will now be elders in La Foa! Which means we will be sharing our branch. It feels funny thinking that all of these members will now have another set of missionaries in their lives. Hahaha being all the way up here alone with the branch makes them feel like our special secret hidden treasures. It will be wonderful to share them and their love. It wil also be an ENORMOUS blessing to have more priesthood in the branch. That will make all the difference. We can do a lot and do our best to do a lot for the branch, but we greatly lack in something. And that's the power of the priesthood. Never underestimate this power and impact of a righteous priesthood holder. It is irreplaceable.

This week was full of some great lessons but also a few more "negative" things. But those negative things actually strengthened my testimony the most this week.

Example one. I was on an exchange and we were teaching this man. And suddenly he goes, "Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. That is just false." Oh my.  Words cannot do justice to the feeling I had inside. I was filled with a warm, sweeping, rushing NO. I just wanted to get up and walk out. I wanted to stare him in the eyes and make him recognize that he just told a grave lie. He lied. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. That I know. But in this moment when the Spirit manifested that truth so strongly to me it also told me that now was not the time to make a scene. So I sat there silently smiling while the truth brimmed inside of me. Sometimes we are called to be silent and sometimes that's even harder.

Another time this lady flat out SCREEEEEAMED at us when we called bonjour at her gate. She just screamed and cursed and threatened us and told us to get lost and was just so meeeeean. I don't think I've ever met anyone that mean. And I literally couldn't understand that kind of anger. That kind of hate. It is incomprehensible in my head. My life has been so full of love and light and joy and sometimes sorrow but never ever hate or anger. 

Fun Fact. The other day we talked to this man. He was half drunk and we left pretty fast, but before we left he have us "American girls, the Mormons" a free painting. He makes these sweet aborigine paintings so I was pleased.

A few extra notes from last week…….

We are currently experiencing a cyclone. But no worries it's not that bad, just a little rain and wind. One year a cyclone flooded the whooooole town, but looks like that won't be the case this year.

Last Monday was one of my favorite days of ever. One of the most wonderful sisters (our Kanaky member who lives in Bourail and loves us so much and we love her so much), well she took us to go see  her family who was camping at the beach. We drove an hour down this dirt road to a secret, back, local part of the beach. It felt like we were on a private island, This sister dug for mussels and me and Soeur Gunn walked around with her granddaughter as she showed us how to catch crabs and eels and paraded us around the beach. It was the most  beautiful place, like heaven touching the earth. And all you could hear was the distant sound of the waves breaking on the reef offshore.That's it. Silence. Oh it was so beautiful.I never  wanted to leave.

Love you!
Soeur Evans


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