Monday, February 16, 2015

Both Sides

Bonjouuuuuur mes cheries!

This morning we got invited to explore a farm with one of our amis. So we got to go to this backwoods farm with pigs and cattle and horses and looots of jungly land and fruit trees springing up left and right. The couple we visited with our ami run a little home where people come and dine for a day and see the farm life here. After we explored their tree house... yes they had a TREEHOUSE right next to the river.... we dined with an old French couple on steaks of deer, pumpkin and coco rice and them some lemon tart. And there we sat eating all French and proper and having some slightly awkward conversation and it just struck me. We as missionaries get to see both aides. We get to dine with the fancy French people. We chat with wealthy cattle farmers in their fancy homes. We drink milo with locals in their shacks by the river. We go into the tribes and share a baguette while talking about Christ. What a unique blessed opportunity to be welcomed I to homes of all sorts. To share the same message with all of them. To know the message has the exact same importance to those we are with regardless of wealth or class or traditions or ancestral lines. Everyone needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of us.

We have started to focus a lot of our first lessons on the Book of Mormon. The other night we followed up on a woman we met a few weeks ago. School was starting  the next day so she was busy preparing her children's things. But we talked with her for a few minutes and asked her about herself and her kids and her life. Then, 
we asked if she has just a few minutes. And she said yes! It makes all the difference to SHOW people you care and are interested in them. Shout out to Dad for that reminder: "People don't really care how much you know until they know how much you care" That's been my focus of the week. 

So yes, she invited us in. And we started to tell her about the Book of Mormon, asking her questions and explaining and testifying. And after 10 minutes she asked where she could get one. Do we sell them? No, we GIVE THEM!!! How sweet it was to give her the most precious sacred book in my life. And it was all the more rewarding seeing that she took recognized its worth and had a desire to read it. 

We've been blown away by the progress our amis are making when we focus on the Book of Mormon. One of them is already through the Isaiah chapters of 2nd Nephi after only two lessons! That is unheard of here. I have never had so many people READING the Book of Mormon. And I've never seen this kind of progress. Spiritual progress depends on spiritual effort. Read the word, feel the peace of the word, and live the word. It is so real.

Much loves! Time flies and it always flies better with the Lord!
Soeur Evans

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