Monday, February 24, 2014

When Sickness Strikes

I have decided that my mission is destined to be...not normal. Hahah because this week Sister Redd got reallyyyy sick and we weren't allowed to leave the house for 4 DAYS. Yup. Not normal. It's a little rough being a missionary who can't go out and serve people and uplift people and find people and teach people and help people come unto Christ. But you know what? I felt so much peace despite being stuck inside. I knew that that's where we were supposed to be, whether simply to give Sister Redd the rest she needed or for another reason. And I got to study so much! I read the Book of Mormon, started "Our Search For Happiness", read Ensign articles, BYU devotionals, MTC firesides, watched Restoration and church movies. Hahah really everything that a missionary can study I studied.
I have also gained a huge testimony of service. If you want to love someone, serve them. My love for Sister Redd has grown more and more rapidly in the past few days than it ever could have if she had been healthy. Every time I serve her my love for her grows. I also learned how to be a real life adult and cook food and all that good stuff.
So because of that my stories this week are a tad limited, but I''ll share a couple of my favorites :)
On Tuesday Sister Redd wasn't quite as sick, so we went out to meet some people and TRACTED! Hahaha ok first of all tracting in the middle of Virginia is probably the least efficient missionary work on the planet, but it was fun and people are also really impressed when they see you walking up their super long, muddy, rocky driveway. And by impressed I mean their hearts are softened and they are more open to hear what you are sharing. We didn't get any appointments, but met some very nice folks and had a jolly good time regardless. BUT. Best part. We went to see a woman who used to take the discussions. So we knock on her door and she opens it and next thing we know we're being invited into a Jehovah's Witness Bible study. In Russian. Hahah whaaaat?? And then this little Russian grandma who didn't speak any English hands me a mug of coffee and is repeatedly motioning me to "drink. Driiiiink." And then they gave us chocolates. Oh my goodness it was such a unique experience. We talked to the woman a little bit (she speaks English) and are planning to go back when the Jehovah's Witness people aren't there (it's feels weird to be teaching about our church in the middle of their lesson. We don't want to be disrespectful, and bible study is always a good thing!) Also don't worry I didn't drink the coffee.
Yesterday, we were banished from church on the doctor's orders to stay away from people. Sad sad day. But we're all for making the best of situations so we did! We walked all over the farm and visited the horses and donkeys and llamas. I've decided that llamas are really creepy and scary hahah. Also they don't like apples. But it's the best ever: the donkeys follow us around. Ok. Just let that sink in. When we walk around, there is a trail of donkeys behind us. Heart meltinggg I love them. We really live in such a beautiful little oasis. Our own personal peace of heaven where we can enjoy God's incredible creations. I wish you could all see the stars. I've never seen the sky so speckled with constellations. And they're so bright! I'm rambling.
Then we had our own little church meeting out on a picnic table with the donkeys attending as well (hahah is this real life?). We sang and shared our testimonies and studied the sunday school/RS books. Simple as it was, setting aside the time to worship and study like at church was really special.
Well, that's the news this week. I'm learning and growing each day in so many aspects. I have a long way to go in improving, but I do know a few things. I know that God loves us individually and endlessly. No matter how alone we feel or how unimportant, HE knows us, HE loves us and HE wants us to be happy beyond comprehension. If everyone could just understand THAT, our world would be a much better place. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. If you haven't read it, I invite you to. Oh I invite you with all my heart! The more I read the more humbled and awed I am by our Savior and by the simplicity of the gospel. I know that the true gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and I cannot wait to go and share that joyful news this week!!
I love you all to pieces,
Sister Evans

Sister Evans with her newest converts
 McKay arrives in Richmond- First Companion, Sister Redd
 McKay Arrives in Richmond Mission with Mission President & Wife- Feb 14, 2014
McKay with New Missionaries, Richmond Virginia Mission - Feb 14, 2014
Being nibbled by the horses
 Outdoor church & study 

This is where we tract.

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