Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And I Rejoiced

Bonjouuuuur la famille et mes autres cheris!

Oh my goodness me the amount of things that happened this week is unreal. This email will never be able to contain it all, but I'll do my best to capture a small impression of the joy and happenings of this delightful second-to-last week of mine.

Last week we met President and Sister Granger and their 19 year old daughter as they did their Mission Tour to meet us all.
McKay with Sister Granger and her daughter (photo Courtesy of Sis. Granger's daughter)
They had already met the missionaries in Vanuatua and the Solomon Islands, so we were the last on the list and thrilled that the time had arrived to get to meet our new mission president. And wow they are great. This mission is in very capable hands and how blessed I feel to have met them. 

So we had interviews on Wednesday. My final interview. It was a little different meeting the man who did my final interview for the first time when I walked in the door for the interview, but voila, that's how it worked out.

Then on Thursday we had a Zone Conference and I bore my "final testimony" which is in reality just a continuation of the testimonies I have born for the past year and a half and will continue to bear my entire life.

On Thursday night I had a strangely "normal person" evening. President and Sister Granger took us leaving missionaries and the leaders out to dinner (a total of 14 of us). It was a sweet moment to be with the soeurs that I began it all with and to look around the table and see that none of us are the same person as we were 18 months ago. How blessed I felt to be among a group of such incredible individuals.

Wow ok, this is totally not doing justice to the JOY of all of these moments, but I shall continue.

We got to  TIRE MANIOC with our sweet mami. In other words we got to cut down small trees and dig around in the most fertile dirt of all time to find their roots so that we could tear the roots out of the ground for the mami and us to eat. The dream. And may I just say that she was so delighted when she saw that soeurs don't mind digging in the dirt. Try as I might, these people think we are made of porcelain sometimes :)

Baaaaaaaah and then on Saturday we went to go see our miracle couple. Remember, the couple who skyrockets with progress every SINGLE time we see them? Well. The husband quit smoking! Sweet wonderful blessings! The only thing that is left before their baptism is to find a way to not work on Sundays, but they are full of faith and the Lord is full of miracles so I have no doubt that day will arrive in a very short time. Words cannot even express my love for this family.

AND then that's not even the end of the happy news. Given that I have been extremely isolated my entire mission and always in secteurs that are separated and cut off from other missionaries, I have never had a district activity or really done any Pday activity with missionaries. But now I can say I've done ONE :) I mentioned [the above] to our elders and on Sunday night they called and said they had organized a hike for Monday. Oh my heart was overflowing, I have wanted to explore this country for ages now. Long story short, we hiked through the wilderness up to a turquoise waterfall gorge. The water was cleaner than tap water. I was about as happy as can be sitting up on the rocks next to this waterfall drinking out of my hands and eating unsalted crackers.

So in essence Heavenly Father is making these last few weeks absurdly fun and full of goodness. We continue to be busy and have incredible miracles and progress in all of the amis that we see. People are feeling the Spirit. Their hearts are changing. And with it so are their lives.

This work is TRUE. This mission is a JOY.

As I near the end, Enos 1:26 is feeling quite personal. "And I saw that I must soon go down to my grave, having been wrought upon by the power of God that I must preach and prophesy unto this people, and declare the word according to the truth which is in Christ.  And I have declared it in all my days, and have rejoiced in it above that of the world."

Love you all. Be happy. Go outside. Breathe in God's creation and love God's children. 
Bisoux a vous tous in the words of a true Caledonienne, 
Soeur Evans

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