Tuesday, October 14, 2014

French Keyboard and Conference


ok. just a little discloser or whatever that english word is ahahah. This keyboard is french and for time's sake i'm gonna type like its english. so: q is a, z is w, and , is m. and : is a period: ok here i go::::

zqqqqhooooo ze hqd qn AWESOME WEEEEEKKKKK!!!!! (McKay's Mom has  tried to make it easier to read)

We got to have Zone Conference with President and Sister Brewer and it was just divine: They are such inspired; incredible servants of the Lord and it is truly an honor and a blessing each time we're with them, We love them so much, and oh ,my goodness , her stories are unreal: Their lives are out of this world: You want  to hear some crazy stories; talk to the mission president of this mission with 3 countries; tens of islands; at . least 7 languages and living conditions from  shacks and chickens to fancy French city::::such as  Noumea: haaahhahh unreal: 

We had an ami and his friend come to General Conference!!!! Quelle miracle! What a beautiful thing to know they were hearing the Prophet and Apostles' direct counsel and words: Can't go wrong with that :)

Taught the Word of Wisdom, to our 72 year old sweetie ami: At the end she just goes "before I didn't know about this: Now I do: So I guess that, means  I'll stop drinking tea and coffee and alcohol" Mind you that she drinks coffee once a month; tea once a week and a beer once every "5 to 10 years" Well easiest Word  of Wisdom, lesson of all time: True humility: True obedience:

Had the most absurd dinner appointment: It was t with a French couple; who speaks some  English; us; and their Fijian friendswho speak some English: So all of us are together speaking English (none of us very well ,I might   add) and eating past: It was just one of those surreal ,moments  only on a  mission when I realize  I can speak another language: We even shared a  spiritual thought in English and afterwards  Soeur Gunn said I talked so funny: Hahahahah oops: Losing my  touch with the English language; pas grave ahahaha

sorry this email is so hard to read. hope you can decode it. I'm out of time now, but next time I'll  try to talk a little about conference because oooweeeee i was just eating it up! Our leaders are so very very inspired. I'll follow them happily! ( McKay's mom tried to decode it for you to make it easier)

Love you all to a million miles and back!
Soeur Evans

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